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10 best ways to make money in Lagos without stress

Lagos is one of the most populated cities in Nigeria and the economy of the state is booming very well not every one can get a white collar job sitting behind desks well if you are one of those people read this post carefully because I'm going to be teaching you how to make easy money in Lagos
Here are the 10 easy way to make money in Lagos.

1. Bet
Betting on football has been around for a while and people have been making millions from betting companies the likes of Bet9ja, naira bet,1x bet e.t.c thereby establishing themselves you only need a little amount to start with and you can make huge amount of money Note: You must not be greedy so you won't loose all your money

2. Tutoring
Tutoring is very easy if you are a braniac who knows book you can easily tutor kids after they are back from school people do pay high for tutoring as high as 15k so in a month calculate how much you would get .

Like I earlier said Lagos is one of the populated cities in Nigeria many people do parties during the weekends you can be an mc for their parties people charge from 50k and above per show so its an easy way of making money

Lotto is the oldest form of bet in Nigeria it has been around since I can remember and people have made a huge amount of money from lotto and improved the conditions of many people  it has helped people a lot you just need a little amount of money to start too thats all if you know you can't bet lotto is a good way of making money

5. uber services
The population in Lagos is high and it brings a good market for transporter so you can engage in uber services and transport people to their various destinations it brings in more Money than the regular danfo drivers

6.social media management
There are organizations that are in need of personnel to handle their social media accounts the jobs pays and all you have to do is handle their social media account and they pay high

7.Article writings
Are you good in writing then dont let your talent go to waste there are several websites and blogs that are in need of prolific writers for their blogs and websites so you can apply and make easy money

Like I said there are many people in Lagos and they have many parties during the weekends if you are a photographer you can just contact them and let them contract you to take pictures .

9.vtu business
This is one of the fast rising business in Nigeria today you dont need much capital to start your vtu business so all you need to do is create awearness for your services and be making easy cash

There are many exclusive parties in Lagos during the weekends and they are always in need of ushers to help them with food during the parties and the pay is from 10k and above

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