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Winning eleven 9 cheat codes for pc

Tips & Tricks to Play Winning Eleven

Beautiful play and win over your opponent is something to be desired when playing PlayStation Winning Eleven, but if your opponent is tough and hard to beat sometimes will arise a sense frustration. To disappear sense frustration I give some tips & tricks in playing Winning Eleven.
How Good Set Piece:
  • Kick very hard from a distance: Press the patch + for up to about half, followed by a triangular punch, hold.
  • Kick a little hard, curved from a considerable distance: Click on the + bottom plots, half of exaggerating a bit, then press triangle + direction curved
  • Weak kick, curving from close range: Click on the plot + bottom, subtract half a bit, continue to push the same direction curve O
  • So the conclusion that when kicking the ball you press down, then the ball's speed will slow, if followed by a triangle will be hard, otherwise if kicking O, the ball's speed will slow ...

How to Make the Movement Against Deceptive and Past Players:
- When was carrying the ball, press R2 again and again, after that dribble your players will become more accurate if we want to avoid, could also be leg movement as if to protect the ball because the movement of the feet will surround the ball. Try just before the opponent touching, or will get the ball off your player, you immediately press the button the other way while the right push R2, then dribble of your players will be more accurate than if we are not pressing R2. R2 button is provided for ease of doing special movements so that the movement of players we will look more lively.

- Suppose you're winger dribble the ball, then in front there
opposing players. If this happens, you do not escape to the sidelines and then crossing. My advice when the opponent is in front of your players, loose forward button and then press direction + R2 to enter directly into the heart of the opponent's defense, I think this is more effective than the crossing.

- Deceiving the opponent 1: If the player you are facing forward, press the back + R2
- Deceiving the opponent 2: When your players facing forward, press the up / down twice

How to Terminate a sudden Players:
- Method 1: when your player is carrying the ball, release the button, but while still pressing R1
- Method 2: off all the keys and just press R2, your player will stop suddenly
fit your players stop so then opposing players may be surprised, and you will be more room to move freely

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