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Top Lucrative & Legit Online Businesses in Nigeria - How to start.


Online business has now go beyond what a lay man assume it to be.

Lecturers, doctors, engineers and many degree holders are now quitting there job to focus on online business.

You may have hear so many things about online business, some say it is for those who have skill, some people say before you can start an online business you must have money, some say it is an advanced way of wasting one time.

Let me ask you this, Have you for once sit down and ask why are some people making money online and I haven't make kobo.

Don't worry to answer that question, this article you are about to read will expose you to the 'rudiment of an online business'.

What is online business: before we go to online business, let me quickly remind us what we were been thought in (secondary school).

Business has to do with buying and selling of goods and services...Note the keyword in the definition: buy, sell, goods and services.

That will be our focus in the later part of this article. Having remember business, let do same to online.

Online is about Internet and (Internet is a globally connected system that uses Tcp/Ip to transmit data via various types of media).

Simply internet is 'Global Communication System'.

Let leave grammar and ponder only on keywords there; global(world wide), Data (raw fact that need to processed to information before it can  be transfered), communication (exchange of information), media (are route through which information can be transfer from sender to recipient).

Having doing justice to both business and online, let now combine the two to answer our question.

What is online business?

Online business is the selling and buying of goods and services through the medium of internet.

This is the same as the offline business, where 'Dangote' will produce floor and distribute it to some people (wholesalers and retailers) before it will get to final consumer.

The only difference is that (dangote business offline) why the one we are talking about is online.

Let me say this before I continue, using the internet (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) to promote your business doesn't mean you are doing online business, ohh! What you are only doing is using internet to advertise your business.

NOW TO THE KEYWORD: Business is all about GOODS and SERVICES.

Remove this two from it definition and see  how senseless it is... "GOODS": is anything that is available for sale.

That is anything that has undergo the process of "production and packaging".

The producer has succeeded in producing it and now wait for next stage, which is to trade for money or other things.

 Examples of Online Businesses In Nigeria.

1. Create and Sell (E-book).
2. Online book publication (become an author online).
3. Domain name (you buy it at cheaper rate, develop it and use it to maximize profit).

Sometimes producing goods is a tedious work and may required creative thinking.

Types & List of Online Business in Nigeria.

1. Marketer & Advertiser.
2. Affiliate Programs.
3. Digital Marketing.
4. Publishers.
5. Agents.
6. Forex-Trading.
7. Currency Exchange.
8. Graphic designer.
9. Article Writing.
10. Freelancer.
11. Reviews Job.
12. Content Marketing.
13. Email Marketing.
14. Betting.
15. Reseller Program.
And so on.

Sometimes producing goods is a tedious work and may required creative thinking.

For instance; Now to write an ebooks, you can not just sit down and started writing, you have to think as a Businessman.

You are saying is not easing, let's go to the next Aspect. If you don't understand the aspect of GOODS, quickly go over it.

If you understand everything let continue.

SERVICES:: In my journey in online business, I have discovered that this is the aspect that Nigerian love most.
"SERVICES":: Service is doing work for someone and in turn he/she pay you.

Instances are barber who cut your hair and it turn you pay him for the service he rendered.

No matter how stingy you are (gbam), people will render service to you and you will pay them, same thing online.

Example of service rendered online are:

• Graphic design
• Article writing
• Affiliate marketing
• Teaching people
• Website design, etc.


1. The last stage of goods which is finding customers is the first stage of services.

2. You produce goods for yourself but in service you do it for People who in turn pay you.

3. You need money before you can produce, (not all of them though) but in rendering services capital is useful but not important, (you don't need capital before you start to  write article).

Let go a little bit further, now that you understand what an online business is and the Two aspect it encompasses.

Market is a place where we buy and sell (nursery school poem).

After you have successfully produce that your goods be it (E-book) or whatever that you want to sell, the next step is to take it to market.

The same thing applicable to 'Service', after you have learned that skill and have what it takes to render service to people.

The next step is to go to market to look for customers.

Due to high demand of some skills, you don't need to be looking for customers up and down.

The only thing is for you to stay connected, people who need your skill will be posting it online.

NOTE: Market here is not (Tinubu or Isikan market) rather it is a place where people meet online to discuss business. )

A good example of such is Fiverr (one of the biggest online market), fiverr is all about services rendering.

Let say I am skilled in graphic design, what I need to do is just to set up what we called gig (description of what you do and how much you collect for your services).

You can make research about it.

Another example is NairalandNnu, (i don't like that website though), Sharpest Arena, and many other website like that.

Don't forget where people meet to have something in common.

All website mentioned above aside fiver will ask you to pay token before they will advertise your goods or services to their members and non members.

Fiver is free of charge but it is for service rendering. Also Amazon publisher and 'Okada book' for author are also good example.

You know what that means they only concern about goods.

After you have finished that your novel, poem, Christian books etc, convert them to e-book and design a cover for it.

What you need to do is to put it up for sale at Okada or Amazon.

They will not collect money from you but they will have some share in each book they help you to sell.

You can research about it.


1. Have vision (force that will drive you to success).

2. Learn a skill (graphic design, website design, how to write article, etc.).

3. Know where to get customers (market that suit your business).

4. Be honest (best policy).

5. Start now (don't wait till tomorrow). Starting an online business is simple enough for anybody to do.

It only require patient, focus,passion and time from you.

Thomas Edison ~ says, something I love "There is a way to do it, find it".

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