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Tips & Skills to use Jiji free Ads to Sell faster online in Nigeria

Use this Tips below to create Jiji.ng free Ads to post and boost fast sales for your (market) products and items in Nigeria.

Jiji.ng is one of the best online market place in Nigeria where you can market, advertise, and sell your products free of charge without payment and your items will reach a large audiences across the country and nation-wide.
Buying and selling online: such as phones, laptops, gadgets, electronics, instruments, decorations, furniture products, cars and houses, land and properties, jobs, and so on. Is the major works of jiji.ng.

Jiji Nigeria is an online shopping marketplace such as jumia, konga, and OLX.
Jiji.ng is a large marketplace in Nigeria where sellers will list their products in different categories each items belongs to and buyers can easily navigate through those categories to search for the items he or she is looking for.

How to post ads to sell your product (items) free on Jiji.ng.

Step 1.
Visit their official website at jiji.ng.
Notes: you can visit jiji website with any devices.

Step 2.
Create your personal or company Account.
You can find the “Registration link” on the top-right corner of jiji.ng, click on it and it will redirect you to the registration page.

Step 3.
Fill the Registration Form correctly.
Notes: you can either register with your Facebook profile or fill in the form manually and click on “Register”. Make sure you provide your available phone number for customers to reach you.

Step 4.
Confirm Your Email Address.
NOW, go to your email address to confirm your account with the registration link sent to you from jiji.
Click the link in your mail-box to confirm your registration, but if you sign up using Facebook, you won’t be required to confirm any mail.

Step 5.
Upload a Profile Picture.
You have to click on the "Picture icon" on the left-hand side of your dashboard to upload your profile picture, make sure the picture is you in person because jiji will review the picture before activating your profile.

Step 6.
How to Post Free Ad.
Click the “POST FREE AD” button, which you can find in the middle of your dashboard to get started.

Step 7.
Choose A Category.
Choose any category that your products and items you want to sell on jiji belongs to for customers to find them at the right place.
Once you choose your category, “Advert title, Description, Price” etc. will pop up for you to fill them, do so quickly and ride on.

Step 8.
Upload Your Product Image.
Now, upload all the images of your product you want your customers to see when they browse your products category page.
Notes: make sure you upload the real image of the products and items you wants to sell because the image will grab the customer’s attention to purchase your products.
You can use standard graphics design images and banners to showcase your products quality to customers.

Step 9.
Choose Your Location.
Choose your current location where customers can locate you if they wish to meet you in person before purchasing your products.
Once you type in your location, jiji.ng will give you suggestions to select from.

Step 10.
Click on “Post Free Ad”.
Now you are about to finished your advertising campaign on jiji.ng online marketplace. Make sure you check your advertisement information that are correct, then click the “Post Free Ad” button to publish your AD so it can go live. Jiji staff will review your Ad campaign and if it doesn’t violate their terms of services, your ads will go live after some hours.
That’s the finally steps to post your AD free on jiji.

Jiji Requirements to post free Ads to sell your Products & Items and how to get account profile Approved

1. Use a valid email address that can be accessible.
2. Provide your current mobile telephone number.
3. Upload a standard high quality graphics design banners to showcase your products clearly and smarter.
4. Try to be real and reliable.

What to Avoid inorder not to get Application Disapproved by Jiji when creating a free Ads account

1. Don't use nickname at where your full name is required.
2. Don't use a blur or cartoon picture and anything else, (use your own photo as profile pics).
3. Don't choose business company account if you wants to operate a personal business yourself.
4. Don't choose a category where your business products and items don't belongs to.

Now, let’s move on how to sell your markets and products faster and quicker on jiji.ng without wasting much time finding customers up and down to buy your items.
This are the simple guide and free advertising skills and strategies you needed to post ads on Jiji.

Tips and skills to sell your Products & Items faster on jiji Nigeria, without Ads boost.

First thing to do: copy your products and items link on jiji.ng. Now, search for market and business groups on Facebook, You can join as many as you want.

Then it’s time to boost your products and items to a large audiences around the world but if you wish to focus only on 'Nigerian customers', when you want to search for groups to join on Facebook – include the phrase (Nigerian market place), (Nigerian buyers and sellers group), (Community of Nigerian traders) and so on.

You can also search depending on your products category, Facebook will brings many groups and join the one you wish.
Notes: don’t join only the groups with large numbers of members because at times if there’s too many posts in the group, customers may not see your items, so probability for your items to be seen in few number of members group is higher than the larger groups.

As I said earlier, use a "standard eye-catchy images and banners" to showcase your products and items to buyers.

Your image must convince people that have interest in your product that your services is reliable and trust worthy which you also deliver high-quality products for customer’s satisfactions.

Create at least 2 post a day, one in the morning and one in the evening and share to the group.
Provide a possible way for customers to get-in-touch with you like “Email Address”, “Phone Number” or “WhatsApp Number”. But the main target here is that you should always put your (jiji.ng product page link) on the Advertisement you create on Facebook for people to know that your products and items comes from a reliable online market place in Nigeria.

 Once people saw jiji.ng link on your advert, they will have more confident to purchase your items. The name jiji will gives people more assurance to buy from you and this name will give your products prestige on social media.

Some people may also think you partner with jiji in the first place when they saw your advert.
You can follow the above procedure to advertise your jiji products page on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinrest, YouTube, and other social media, including forum sites in Nigeria.

Now you will see many people visiting your products page on jiji to order for your items. Jiji.ng will also be happy to bring up your items to buyers that wants to purchase any products and materials on their website.

Hope this is one of the best free marketing strategies to help you sell quickly and faster in Nigeria, if yes?

Drop your comment below so I can create more post that will helps you to boost your market sales for new products.

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