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How to make money and get rich quickly with blog in nigeria

Here are the tips you need to know to make money and get rich with your blog in Nigeria.

1. Creating a niche for your blog

This is perhaps the most important thing for anyone who wants to start a blog because it is directly correlated with the amount of traffic you will receive.

You need to pick a popular niche that offers some sort of answers or solutions to the queries of Nigerians.

Besides, it should be something that taps from your knowledge and experience so that you do not struggle to write contents and posts. There are sensitive, relevant and unique niches that are currently trending. Those are the ones you need to consider.

2. Choose the right theme for your blog site

Choosing the right theme for the blog you are creating is also important in attracting traffic to your site which will definitely translate into cash.

You should be able to describe what your blog is all about in just a single sentence.

Any cumbersome theme will just ward off potential visitors and turn your log into a white elephant project.

Your theme must be extremely focused. For example, if it is dealing with women’s fashion, it should focus on one particular aspect of women fashion such as dinner dresses.


3.Use the right keywords

Search engine optimization is the key to attracting traffic to your blog.

Google, as well as other popular search engines nowadays, has stringent algorithms and terms and conditions concerning the choice of keywords as well as the content in itself. Google will lower the rank of websites or blogs considered to be keyword stuffed and lacks in substance.

You have to ensure that the keywords are highly relevant to your theme because these are the words people use to search for particular information on the web.

Remember to include both short tails as well as long tail keywords while writing your content.

4. Create high quality content.

When People surf the Internet, they look for relevant information that can offer answers to their questions as well as a solution to their problems.

The articles you write should be flowing, high quality, relevant, grammatically correct, unique and compliant with and optimized for the search engine algorithms.

The articles must be completely free from plagiarism. If you cannot create the right content, then you may have to outsource this to someone with good command of English.

This may cost you some Naira but it is a worthy investment for any blogger who is serious about making money online.

You also have to ensure that you frequently update your posts so that they will remain relevant and useful to your visitors at all times.

5. Use social media.

Social media is currently rocking and you can take advantage of their availability to increase your chances of earning from your blog.

This is because social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and LinkedIn attract a lot of traffic and can actually help your blog get the number of loyal visitors. This would translate into money.

6. Monetize your blog.

There are several ways to monetize your website but AdSense remains one of the most favorite platforms used by Nigerian bloggers.

These programs will allow you to simply copy and paste adverts to your blog. You will earn some commission for every click on the ad.

The amount of money you will earn at the end depends on the amount of traffic you will attract. This, in turn, depends on the quality of your blog. You also need to ensure you use ads that people love to check out.

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