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Bet9ja League and Bet9ja Racing Bonus offer

Do you know you can get bonus offer on Bet9ja League (Vfl) and Bet9ja Racing (Dog/horse) race.

Bet9ja operates the Bonus offer for Bet9ja League and Bet9ja Racing Virtual Games.

The Bonus is available on Bet9ja Platform at all times unless terminated by Bet9ja.

 Each bet placed by the Customer on Bet9ja League and/or Bet9ja Racing will assign a bonus level depending on the amount staked.

The Bonus has six levels and each one is equivalent to a bonus credits as specified in the respective game.

The more you stake and the higher bonus level you are on, the more bonus credits you receive.

In the event of inactivity for 48 hours, such as no new selections being made and no bets being placed, the bonus level resets to the first level automatically.

Once the Customer confirms a selection before placing a bet, the stake is removed from the account. You cannot cancel the confirmed selection.

A percentage of the customer’s stake is immediately accumulated on the bonus bar. In case the Customer does not take any action in relation to the chosen selection, the bet is auto-played after 15 minutes of confirming the selection.

Your progress towards reaching 100% bonus credits is displayed on a progress bar.

Only when you reach 100% bonus credits limit, you can deposit the accumulated bonus credits into your account balance.

Bet9ja may offer free bonus promotions to selected users; such users or group of users shall be determined by Bet9ja at its sole discretion and may be chosen at random.

The free bonus use is subject to separate terms and conditions that will be made available to the users at the time of allocation of the free bonus promotion.

General By using the Virtual Games you do so pursuant to the agreement between you and Bet9ja regulated by the General Terms and Conditions.

You hereby agree that you shall have no cause of action and you hereby waive any rights or claims against the software developer of the Bet9ja League and Bet9ja Racing for any matter involving your participation in these games or otherwise.

Bet9ja and its affiliated companies (and the respective employees, directors, agents, contractors and representatives) will not be liable for any loss of profits and any indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with your use of the Virtual Games and/or the Account and/or the Bet9ja Platform.

In no event Bet9ja’s aggregate liability arising out of or in connection with the Account shall exceed the amount of balance of the Account on the date the event giving rise to the claim for liability happens.

Bet9ja’s aggregate liability arising out of or in connection with these Virtual Games Terms and Conditions shall not exceed the amount of the bet and the amount of the winnings and the eligible bonus funds, if any.

In no event Bet9ja shall be liable for performing its obligations in the events of force majore and its performance will be deemed suspended for the duration of such events.

In no event will Bet9ja have any liability whatsoever to any third party for any activity under the Account.

Bet9ja may change these Virtual Games Terms and Conditions at any time by posting the changes on Bet9ja Platform.

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