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Best Tips to Solve - Overcome Financial Problem as a Student.


Research show that over 40 percent of student in tertiary institution are struggling with financial problems.

A recent study undertaken by eurostudent based on student living conditions revealed that over one third of students are experiencing "several financial problem". 

Truth be told money is definitely not everything in life but we must also understand that financial problems break human mentally.

As a student financial problem we make you:
* Less confident 
* Depressed 
* Annoyed and lonely (who want to be with someone who always complain of not having money). 

This may sound a bit extreme.

They are students for God's sake, the young people, what do they know about financial problems? But let me break your heart, financial problem can prevent you from achieving that your aim (First Class, Second Class Upper).

Imagine as a student anytime you need money as a student you have to called home and after calling the probability that your parent will send the money is half because of the state of the nation. 

 Financial problem is not lacking money but rather it is lacking of knowledge on how to make and manage money. 

In this article I will be giving you some tips which I believe will change your financial story only if you can follow them. 


The biggest problem facing students is that they are always trying to be like someone else forgetting who they are.

Competition is rampant among them, my friend is using latest phone, I must also use it.

This has create problems for alot of students.

The guy or girl you are competing with might have a brother or an uncle somewhere who is sending dollar to his/her account every month and you like this, you don't have any hope aside your dad and mom. 

Know who you are, will set you free from unnecessary competition which is wasting your money.

Don't buy that shoe because  one your friend Mr chinedu have it but rather buy it because you need it, all things been equal try as much as possible to buy only what you need not what you Want. 

2. CREATE A BUDGET, (that will helps you solve financial problem as a student.

Many students are experiencing financial problem not because they don't have money  but because they don't know how to spend it and that is where budget comes in. 

What is Budget?
Budget is total estimated revenue and proposed expenditure for coming financial years.

As a student you can create your budget by listing all your expenses like: tuition fees, books accomodation, clothing, and other things you needed.

Take for instance now, I just gain an admission and my tuition fees is #50,000. 
I can simply create my budget like this:

Tuition fees = #50,000
Accommodation = #30,000
Textbooks/course materials = #10,000
Cloth/shoe and other things = #20,000
Food stuff (I'm sure you will carry from home) =#15,000
Logistics =#10,000

This is the format of how to create a budget depending on your expenses but don't forget not to include any unnecessary things in it and make sure you follow it. 

3. TAKE SMALL STEP, on (Students Financial Problem).

There is no doubt, your primary assignment in university is studying nevertheless you can still engaged in small work in the campus and it will not affect your study.

Taking a small step will make you to forget that the money is too small but it will open you knowledge to see that big were not made but we're develop from small.

"I can't collect #10,000 in a month" says a dirty girl who is struggling to eat two times a day. 

Don't listen to all those lazy people who will be saying all sort of rubbish to your ear, small job will boost your confidence and keep on track to overcome financial problem. 

   On other hand, some also believe engaged in work in the campus can actually distract you and make you to fail.

What they don't understand is the power of determination.

If you are determined nothing can distract you.  Those your mate who claim engaged in small work can distract you are same people who spend 5 hours on social media without collecting a dime.

Some of the work you can do in the campus are given below:
working in the cafe: if you have the knowledge of how to type, print, photocopy, online registration etc.

You can actually becomes one of the cyber cafe work boy in the campus or school environment and made your intention know to him. (dont look cheap, make him to understand you want the job not because you are hungry).

 4. WRITE AN ARTICLE, (To overcome Students Financial Problem.

If you are good in article writting, there are many websites both locally and international who will pay you... Example is the one you are reading this article from. 

Become sales boy/girl, tutor for primary and secondary students, organising tutorial for your mate.

You can make research on many other works student can do that will not affect his/her education. 

5. LEARN HOW TO SAVE, (Inorder to Solve Students Financial Problem.

I will not write so much on this because saving is a soft skill you can easily develop and it is another topic on its own. 

    I deliberately use the word "problem" so as to make this article interesting.

I don't believe there is problem, what we are facing is challenge and "challenges is a force that drive one to find solutions".

This article may not help to completely overcome financial problem but it will changed your financial story, if only you take action.

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