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4 Important Skills needed to start an Online Business in Nigeria


Table of Content
• Introduction.
• Review of Online business.
• Skills needed to start an online business.
• Summary. 


Online business is the future and hope of young people especially in a country like Nigeria where it is easy for a camel to pass through a needle than a graduate getting a dependable job.

In my last article I explain what an online business is, for simplicity sake let me remind you in case you forget.


Online business is about trading in the internet. Trading means buying and selling of goods and services.

 I actually make it clear in part 1 that if you can not create something that is valuable (things people can buy from you) or render valuable service (which people can pay for), do not go for online business (gbam).

You can try offline business.

That is about part 1, now to the part 2.


Let me quickly break your heart, creating something valuable (e-book) or skilled in rendering valuable services(graphic design) is not enough for you to start an online business.

You say why, the reason is that "business is not about you, is about customer "(bitter truth).

That is where many people miss it when it come to online business.

 The e-book you write, you did not write it for yourself but for the people who need it and in turn they pay you for your work.

Whether you like it or not, you are not the first person to write that kind of e-book, many people who are better than you have write something similar to your e-book.

For instance Mr chinedu has just produced an e-book "HOW TO START AN ONLINE BUSINESS" he will be fool to think others has not write something similar to his e-book.

In fact you will be surprised to see e-book with the same title as yours when you do your research (enough of this enough go straight to the point).

So how do you survive in this highly competitive business (online business).

Thomas Edison say "There is a way to do it find it" in our bid to find solutions to the only problem you may encounter In an online business, some tips which has helped many professional and newbie including I, will  be giving to you in this article.

There are skill which can be easily learn and develop. Just sit down, relax and ready to start a profitable online business.

The  Skills needed are:

(1). Copywriting.

This is one of the poweful skill you need to start an online business.

What is copywriting? According to copy blogger "copywriting is the art and science of strategically delivering words (whether written or spoken) that get people to take some form of action".

Your ability to persuade people to believe that your product will satisfy their want is called copywriting.

I said it in part 1 that online and offline business are the same, hope you have seen people who are marketing product in the market, campus or park etc.

before, you notice there mouth is always sweet. The same way your write-up should sweet.

What I am saying is that your article should be able to persuade people who read it to look at your side.

The success of your business is directly proportional to your ability to persuade your reader to take some form of action like buying your products or giving you job to do.

Affliate marketing without the knowledge of copywriting is like driving a car without fuel,  because no progress will be made.

 NOTE: copywriting is a career (permit to use it) on it is own.

They are highest paid writers in the world but before you will become a good copywriter you need to invest you time and energy in studying it.

Because it is lucrative career if you are good.

Company, website, blog etc. Will hire you to write or marketize their products.

If you are planning to become copywriter, I will recommend copyblogger for you.

They will teach you the rudiment of copywriting. They are copywriting 101 is even free.

   For your online business what you need is just to understand the basis of copywriting.

The tip below will put you through. 

• Have a good title: That is what catch the attention of people.

Your title matter most, it is your title that will compel them to read your write-up. So always use eye catching title for your article.

• Put yourself in the position of customers or client: This will also help.

If you can't compel yourself with your article then how will you compel others.  Ask yourself if am a buyer can I through this article buy this product I am marketing.

• Understand your targeted audience: Who are the people you are targeted with your article, is it people between the age of 15-20,20-25,30-40 etc or you targeted all the people from 60 above.

If you can understand people you are writing for, it will help to persuade them.

• Simplicity: Try to make your article simple. Don't Use big grammer. It won't help you.

 I hope you now understand copywriting, because it is a backbone of Affliate marketing.

I can't get referral for Nnu, Hiwap etc copywritng is what you need.

(2). Communication skill.

This is one of the essential skill you need. communication is the exchange of information bettween sender and receiver in the internet.

Whether you like it or not, you interact with people for your business to move forward.

Now tell me how will   you will intearact  with customers when you lack  communication skills.

The way you talk to your customers or client  matter most and it one of the factor that  will determine your success.

Communication skill is  soft skill which can be learn and develop. You can read book on communication skill because you really need it for your business to make success.

For instance let say you posted something like this to nairaland. "I can design a website for you with #100000 Contact this number   08********  if  you are interested" How will you address them when they called you to make enquiry.

How will you answer them when they ask, are you not a scammer?

All this is just to let you know that you need communication skill to start an online business.
Learn and develop it.


You ask is it skill, of course it is a skill in online business.

Some years ago I was building myself to become a political writter but along the line I discovered my targeted audience are not interested in politics that much, what they want is something that give them money.

So having know that, I have to read some books, article and carry out some research on how to become a business writer.

All glory be to God. I am able to change from political writer to business writer  because of flexibility.

Flexibility is the ability to bend to the direction that suit your purpose.

I have heard many people complaining of not getting enough visitor to their blog and website and when I ask them nigger why can't you consider change of Niche (your area of specialization), they said they don't have knowledge in that area as if they want to go teach calculus in university.

Flexibility is like a retreat, when you start that business and you are not getting desired result, there are three things you can do:
1. Identify the problem.
2. Find solutions.
3. Be flexible to apply the solution.

Note: Patience is very important in an online business, don't expect quick result.
It is not quick rich business but gradual developing scheme that demand patience. 


This is just the normal skill you have acquired before you start your online business be it graphic design, website design, web developer etc.

Know that your technical skills will be put to test when you enter market.

Don't forget it is a competitive business so if you are not sound in your field, there is every tendecy you may not make a dime.

If you graphic designer try to be one of the best so that anybody you work for will always come back or recommend you to people.


Copywriting, communication, flexibility and technical skills are some of the important skill you need to start online business.

Learn and practice them.

The beauty of learning is application.

If you read the part one and you are also reading this now then you are good to start online business... If you follow them you will happy.

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