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How to Deposit - Fund Bet9ja Account with GTBank.

How to Deposit with GTBank Online.

There is no fees for deposit with this payment method.

However, you will be asked to accept a #100 charge from the bank.

Step 1:
Navigate to www.gtbank.com.

Step 2:
Navigate to GTBank's Internet Banking page by clicking "login".

Step 3: You will be directed to the GTBank Internet Banking platform. Click the login button on the left.

Step 4:
You will now be required to fill in your login details. Firstly, input your 11-digit GTBank User ID.

Step 5:
Next, use the keypad to input your password.

Step 6:
To proceed, click on the green button.

Step 7:
Click on "Proceed to Internet Banking", where you will be redirected to your Internet Banking homepage.

Step 8: Click "Payment & Collections from the drop-down menu".

Step 9: Click on "Other Payments".

Step 10:
Scroll down and select "KC GAMING NETWORKS LTD".

Step 11:
Click "Make New Payments".

Step 12:
You will then be directed to a page where you will be required to fill in your Bet9ja Unique User ID and the amount you would like to deposit.

Your Bet9ja User ID can be found at the top right corner of the page when you login to your bet9ja account.

Step 13:
You will then be required to confirm your details.

Step 14:
Confirm the bank charge, select which account to debit, answer your secret question and enter your token code.

Step 15:
Upon successful payment, your transaction receipt will then be display.

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