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Bukunmi Oluwashina: Biography, Songs Mp3, Net worth, & Career.

Biography of Bukunmi Oluwashina, Music & Movies Career, Songs, Age, Net worth, Achievement, with everything you need to know.

Bukunmi Oluwashina biography is full of amazing facts about her music and acting career.

The young star has achieved success that some people could not even dream about in their old age.

So, let's take a closer look at Bukunmi Oluwashina biography.

12 Facts you need to know about Bukunmi Oluwashina.

1. Bukunmi Oluwashina Biography.
2. Bukunmi Oluwashina Net Worth.
3. Bukunmi Oluwashina Songs, Music Mp3.
4. Bukunmi Oluwashina Films & Movies.
5. Bukunmi Oluwashina Age.
6. Bukunmi Oluwashina Family Background.
7. Bukunmi Oluwashina Education and schools.
8. Bukunmi Oluwashina Husband.
9. Bukunmi Oluwashina House & Cars.
10. Bukunmi Oluwashina Interviews.
11. Bukunmi Oluwashina Phone Number.
12. Bukunmi Oluwashina Pictures.

The actress Bukunmi Oluwashina's biography.

 Bukunmi Oluwasina is a fast rising Nigerian actress, movie producer, singer, musician, playwright, and model.

Bukunmi Oluwasina's place of Birth, Hometown, and Family background. 

She was born in the early 1990s into a family of seven in which she happens to be the 3rd born of the family. She is a native of Ekiti state (Oke-Imesi).

Age of Bukunmi Oluwashina.

Bukunmi Oluwashina age is not widely known.

Which School did Bukunmi Oluwashina Attend and course she study?

Bukunmi Oluwasina graduated from the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) where she studied Theatre Arts.

Achievements of Bukunmi Oluwashina's movies.

The biography of Bukunmi Oluwashina looks like a list of achievements and awards.

She is a versatile and talented figure widely known in Nigeria. Nigeria movie industry has a lot of talented actors and actresses.

However, not many of them display their talents in so many ways as Bukunmi Oluwashina does.

She seems to achieve her goals with ease just to keep her fans entertained.

The popular Nollywood actress produced one of the most trending movies titled “Ayomi”(“My joy”).

The movie was shot in July 2014 in Lagos, Nigeria, and officially released into the market on the 21st of September 2015.

Ayomi is presently trending on Ibaka TV, one of the most anticipated in the industry. The young an optimistic Yoruba actress came into limelight right after producing this mind-blowing movie.

Did Bukunmi Oluwashina become an abbasador?

Bukunmi Oluwasina is also known to partner with Pepsi, AVF, and Vivas for the premiere of Ayomi.

The movie is so popular abroad that fans from outside of the country request for the soundtrack of Ayomi.

What is so unbelievable is that Bukunmi Oluwasina shot the movie while she was still studying at the Obafemi Awolowo University.

She said she was really stressful at university because it was close to her final year. She was, however, greatly supported and taught how to manage her time.

She explained: “One thing I have gotten to learn about life is that too many people complain about time saying there is no time, but the truth is, show me a woman that knows how to manage her time, and I will show you a man who can achieve anything”.

When talking about the challenges she faced in the course of shooting Ayomi, Bukunmi said that there was nothing much her cast and crew couldn’t handle.

She had an opportunity to work with amazing actors who took her as their own child, sister, and friend.

Bukunmi Oluwashina's Movies Partner & Favorite Actors and Actresses.

They are Lateef Adedimeji, Joke Muyiwa, Gabriel Afolayan, Damola Olatunji, and others.

Best movies (films) produce by Bukunmi Oluwashina and Awards.

Bukunmi Oluwasina’s debut movie Ayomi has won many awards and got a number of nominations including the 2015 Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards in the Best Indigenous Movie (Yoruba), the Best of Nollywood Awards (BON Awards), MAYA Awards, and ACI Awards.

She is also known to feature in many Nollywood movies including Excursion, Modebi Olami, Enitan, Ranti mi, Test, and so on.

Bukunmi Oluwashina is known to play mostly passionate and emotional roles.

As a talented playwright, Bukunmi Oluwashina has written a few movie scripts including A story like Mine, Ayomi, Oluwere to mention a few.

Bukunmi Oluwashina Nollywood Actress Career.

She also had a great opportunity to cooperate with renowned Nollywood actors including Aisha Lawal, Gabriel Afolayan, Damola Olatunji, Muyiwa Ademola and many more.

Bukunmi Oluwashina Music Career and Talent.

Bukunmi Oluwashina music career What is interesting is that Bukunmi Oluwasina is the brain behind soundtracks used in many Yoruba films.

She releases heart-melting soundtracks for her films all alone which proves her huge talent.

She also has several hit songs like "Jigi, Eazy Eazy" and others.

Who is Bukunmi Oluwashina Husband?

 Personal life Bukunmi Oluwasina revealed to be in a relationship, however, she does not seem to date anyone in the movie industry.

As she said in one of the interviews, she doesn’t like to mix work with pleasure. Interesting that Bukunmi Oluwasina has recently written an open letter to her would-be husband.

The actress condemned so-called “baby mama” syndrome among young girls and ladies in the entertainment industry.

She revealed her strong dissatisfaction with the increasing rate of young girls turning to ‘baby mama’.

She has also advised her would-be husband always to love, teach, care, and bring up their children just like her own father did to her.

This way her children to learn, watch and know what being a good father and mother looked like and what a genuine parental love, a home and a family should look like.

Bukunmi Oluwashina's Social Media Profile.

Interesting facts to know Social media profile Bukunmi Oluwasina is one of the most famous Nigerian actresses on social media.

She has about 245k followers on Instagram and no less on Twitter and Facebook.

Bukunmi Oluwasina’s social media accounts are as follows:

Instagram: @bukunmioluwasina
Facebook: Bukunmi Oluwashina Bukunmi

Life Story (History) of Bukunmi Oluwashina.

Oluwashina life story is a story of success of the talented lady involved in the movie and music industry.

Apart from the fact that she has produced one of the most anticipated movies in the Nollywood presently, she is very young, passionate, and energized.

Bukunmi herself thinks that if someone is passion driven, nothing can look too difficult to achieve.

Bukunmi Oluwashina Net worth, Paid per show, and Movie charges.

Though, her Net worth hasn't been cleared to public, her movie scene act charge varies depending on the movie rolls and performance she made in the film.

Download: Bukunmi Oluwashina Movies & Films.

Her songs and movies is now treading on all music downloading sites and top music blogs in Nigeria.

You can also find her movies here on her Youtube Channel Bukunmi Oluwashina Movies if you wants to watch her films online.

Download Bukumi Oluwashina films here on Ibaka tv.

Download: Bukunmi Oluwashina Songs & Music Mp3.

Watch and listen to bukunmi oluwashina's songs here on Bukunmi Oluwashina Songs Mp3.
To download more, you can visit Naijaloaded music page.

List of Bukunmi Oluwashina's Songs, Music Mp3, Tracks.

1. Ranti Mi.
2. Let me stay with you.
3. I cannot deny you.
4. Girlfriend Sound track.
5. Easy Easy.
6. See Wahala ft Ola dips.

Bukunmi Oluwashina Interviews.

This questions is been asked by many people because they loves to see how she oppressed her feelings for her fans outside there.

Watch here: Bukunmi Oluwashina Interviews.

Bukunmi Oluwashina House and Cars.

You likes to know everything about Nigerian celebrities career and lifestyle.
I don't know maybe she has a house or car as of recent.

Bukunmi Oluwashina Phone Number.

I don't know more about this, you can ask from her if you reach her on social media.

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