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Been an Entrepreneur is better than Salary Earner.

Complete debate: Raw facts, on how an Entrepreneur is better than Salary earner.

1. Which one is better between Salary earner and Entrepreneur.

2. What's are the Advantage of Salary Earner and Entrepreneur.

A Job is an activity that requires a person's mental or physical efforts. Job is also known as activities often regular and performed in exchange of payment.

In our society today, we feels on top of the world whenever we testify of a new job.

Often times we believed that having a job is the only thing that has the ultimate power to sustain humanity as a source of livelihood.

A Job gives you money after thirty days (which is 9a.m to 5pm).
Despite your spending habits and how much you earn, The lives of an average salary earner in our society is just like a circle.

You work so hard, earned and you spend all that you had. Most time we ended up borrowing from friends and colleagues, pay our bills and that goes on and on.
The more you try to save, The more expenses you incurred. This could be Strange but true, Lots of guys no longer talk about hanging out with ladies.

Let along settling down as this would result to expensive prize and other traditional ceremonies while ladies gets so worried waiting for proposals after a long courtship.

 However, they mess up themselves and live to face the consequences. Still looking exactly at what a job is.
I will like to give my own definition of a job in few statement.


Sorry, if I may ask few questions.
How do you look at your accountant on the salary day?

How do you react if the money didn't come in as at when expected?

How do you feel that moment your bank continuously debiting you on maintenance charges instead of receiving a credit alert and finally.

• How do you eventually feel when the money finally arrived? As unstable as these scenario so it is as the life of the salary earner.

Still defining what a Job is, I would like to say;

JOB is defined as J.O.B (JOURNEY OF THE BROKE).

Yes, once you eventually receives the alert. The journey of you being broke starts allover as you will have to pay back those money you borrowed from friends, colleagues and relatives after which your bank account stops smiling.

> A salary earners gets excided and eats chicken in the first week of his pay.

> He eats chicken product at the second week, stay hungry and battle with hunger in the third week, and borrowed for survival in the fourth week, before he's being paid again.

Oh what a life! Funny enough, the people that fall into these category (salary earner) are so full of themselves boosting of their certificates.

> On the other hand,
ENTREPRENEURS is the process of designing, launching and running a new business which is often initially a small business.

Some time The people who create these businesses are most time seen as the unfortunate ones, who couldn't pass through schools and thereby learn trade or skills to secure a brighter future for themselves.

As funny as this could be, The so called educated ones and salary earners would feel too proud and swallow their pride, roll their sleeves and work with their hands by doing the needful.


 A salary earner had over the years acquired/awarded series of CERTIFICATES.

While on the other hand,
An entrepreneur had over the years acquired knowledge on how to solve problems and award with an award.

A titled CERTIFICATE (word derived
from our local pidgin language. "To sabi do something").
With CERTIFICATE, an entrepreneur is trained to be self dependant, pay his
bill as at when due without waiting till the end of the month.

Any new business requires certain necessities to get started;
hardwork, consistency, solid plan of action which will lead me to share with you.


1. ENVISION: The perfect entrepreneur stands how to capitalize on trends and paradigm shifts.

They have the ability to predicts new
opportunities based on human behaviour.

They also understand the maintaining and communicating the vision consistently in the most Important focus for continued success of the company.

Which create the "Thumb up" and also signifies the most important E.

Remember, the thumb is what close the grip in the entire fist and touches on all the other fingers.

2. ENLIST: Once a vision is in place, entrepreneurs need to enlist
people around the start-up to support and grow their adventure.

whether its friends, relation or family members, investors, customers etc. These are all integral part of the beginning stage of the start up.

remember this also, this E is the Index finger. This is the one used to point at people to call them and ask for help and guidance.

3. EMBARK: Many people have ideas and are even able to enlist people around this idea. How ever, the majority fall short of actually taking.
The step and starting a business. This is why so many people preferred being a salary earner to entrepreneur.

 Embarking sets leader apart from followers and most entrepreneurs from employees.

There will always be a thousand and one reasons why not to take the plunge and everybody will serve as constant reminder on why it should not be done.

This is time to put the middle finger up and just move with it.

4. EXECUTE: With a vision, team and the start of something great, its time to execute.

Many people fails here and often additional or other entrepreneur needs to be brought in to do the job.

Remember, The fourth Finger symbolizes commitment.

Hardwork and resilience must come into

The last of it is;
5. EVOLVE: Entrepreneur can go through the entire circle and succeed but to have lasting success, they will need to continuously evolve.

The only constant in the start up is change.
Nothing can guarantee the success of a new business a solid foundation.

When an entrepreneur had covered all five fingers, they can extend a hand or a times a fist and take the things they want and also these set of people (entrepreneurs)
can give back to other by lending a hand to those around them.

In a nutshell, being an entrepreneur pays far better than a salary earner.

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