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AUTISM: Meaning, Symptoms and how to manage Autism people.

All neccessary things to know about Autism, and Tips to manage an Autism Patients.

Meaning of Autism.

Autism, called as Autism spectrum Disorder (ASD), is a complex mental condition that occurs from early childhood. It is considered to be a state in which communicating and interacting with others is hard.

What are the symptoms of Autism?

The indication vary with the age group but there are some common sign: problems in social relations and interactions and compulsive interests.

  • Lack of none verbal interacting skills like eye to eye contact, facial expression, body position.
  • Failing to move along with the person of their age.
  • No interest in sharing their experiences,happiness with others.
  • Not able to understand the feeling of others.

Social skills.
  • No response in calling one's name by the first birthday.
  • Loosing curiosity in playing, sharing, talking with others children.
  • Chooses to be alone.
  • Reject bodily contact.

  • Delay in speech and language skills.
  • Speaking in a mechanised tone.
  • Echolalia - saying the same sentence over and over.
  • Rare usage of gesture and not recognising them.
  • They don't identify jokes and cynicism.

What are the causes of Autism.

Autism is not cause by a single reason. A genetic disorder is one of the bases of this problem to exists.

  • Fragile x chromosome.
  • Congenital rubella syndrome.
  • Some risky medicines injected during pregnancy.
  • Prenatal environment like advanced age of parents.

What are the things one should do to manage Autism?

The family member of the patients should be:

  • Staying constructive and positive.
  • Developing a consistent schedule should be followed.
  • Allowing of time to get settled.
  • Explaining things clearly.
  • Assisting to build healthy social interactions.
  • Getting support from groups.
  • Helping the patients to identity their strengths and weaknesses.

What are the things I should avoid to manage Autism?

Family member of the patients should not be:

  • Extending the waiting time.
  • Trying physical contact prior explaining to them the reason.
  • Exposing them to a loud environment.
  • Misunderstanding when the person is not responding.
  • Giving sudden surprises, sudden changes in food.

What are the best food for Autism?

  • Fresh food and vegetables: is very good for an Autism patients.
  • Meat is also a prudent food for such patients.
  • Unconventional milk sources.
  • Gluten - Free foods such as beans, cassava, potatoes can be given to Autism patients.

What are the worst food for an Autism patients?

  • Foods that have casein such as yoghurt, cottage, cheese which contains casein are to be avoided.
  • Foods that have gluten such as barley, oats,rye, Bran etc are to be avoided.

What are tips to manage Autism patients.

With proper guidance and support, Autistic people can lead a successful life like any other normal individuals.

Do not neglect  an Autism people, they can lead a succesful life in
future, encourage them and educate them, give them support.....

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