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What you must know before you create a blog

(Blogger Tutorial), Do you want to create a good looking blog for making profit.

This are the tips that will guide you, and also important strategies you must know and have in mind before starting a blogging career.
Either you want to create a personal blog for your own profit, or a blog for your company and organization.

Creating a blog is a good idea for your business to grow or to optimize any other personal ideas.
Everyone wants to become a blogger but not all knows what it takes to create a standard blog and how to operate with a blog.

As a beginner, all what you need is to know everything about blogging and all what associated to blog. Don't just rushed yourself into it and thinking of making money quickly. That's not a good idea for you.

What a blogger needs before creating a blog.

1. Commitment.
2. Creative.
3. Agility.
4. Priority.

This is called C-CAP for bloggers. 80% of all bloggers doesn't know this, and it is really affecting them in one or two ways now.

Don't be lazy to Read and learn, because you want people to learn from you so you too made a lot of tutorials to study online.


This is the ability of determine a blogging

However, what you want to use a blog for? Your first action is to determine of creating a blog, either personal or industrial.

There are Two (2) categories of determination.
1. Seriousness.
2. Unseriousness.

You will choose one out of the two, nobody will choose for you. This is what you determine and it is also what you will focus with your career as a blogger.

Your commitment can be? Doing blogging as a part-time job or aims of becoming a full-time blogger.


You need to be creative. Not just thinking of creating a blog as you like and starting using it without any user interactive, call to action, exclusive contents, Arrangements, designs, Mobility, Optimization, Cornerstones and so on.

Creative is part of blogging and you need to make everything intact.

Create a good name for your blog and best design with easy navigation and pillars for every post. This will be narrated in the Agility paragraph below.


you as a blogger needs to create an Agility for your website, a blog can't build and develop itself, You need to do it.

This are the necessary things you need to list down before starting or creating a blog.

1. What will be your blog Niches.

Your blog niches is what your blog will base on.
For example: You like "sports" and you want to be given other people any information and news about Sports on your blog.
Then this is your blog Niches.

2. Which name will you give your blog.

Once you have known your blog niches, then it is easy to name the blog.
For example: Your blog name can be;
Sportlearner, Sportonpoint, Seesport, ativesport and so on.

This have already told your users and search engine that your blog talk about sports. Without any indication or description, your blog URL name has identify your blog appearance to everyone.

3. How will you design your blog.

You must create a good design for your blog and make use of all this strategies listed below.

Important Blogger Strategies.

- Create a good title for your articles.
- Create a good description for your title.
- Write useful and important articles body.
- Create a navigation page for your blog.
- Link all related post together.
- Write a cornerstone article for your blog.
- Use a good template for your blog.
- Make use of CSS in your article body.
- Make use of bold, italics, headings and text color.
- Arrange important words and links with page numbering or bullets.
- Write original contents, don't copy and paste.
- Change background of focus keywords.
- Write good and clear English.
- Give every article page a label.
- Create a contents list page on your blog.

4. How to bring traffic and visitors for your blog.

After you finished designing your blog and filled up with good articles.
Now the next thing is to advertised your blog.

Create many social media accounts for your blog with your blog name and start engaging with people that have interest with your blog niches. Keep on advertising, and also create campaigns and make use of instant messagers to connect with many Audience.

5. How to create standard for your blog.

Once you are advertising and get connected with the real audience, now you need to create a standard for your blog by making new arrangements, designs, and applying special offers for your visitors to keep visiting your blog and website.


The last of the list is priority. How to create a priority for your blog.

This is simply done when you have successful with all the steps above.
You can decide what to do with your blog in the future and how to interact with users or how to make use of ADspace on your blog.

All the steps above has give you the insight of priority on your blog, and you have to put it inorder.

More strategy will be analyzed in the following pages, so kindly read more from other pages.

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