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SEO Tricks: How to rank higher on top Google (Search engine)

Simple Tricks & Cheat to make all your post (Articles) to be on top all search results.

This is how to do it yourself, you can use this cheat to trick all search engines including: Yahoo, bing, Find, Ask.com, Yandex, Aol.com Dogduck.com, Finder and others.

Follow the steps below to get started?

1. Create a good article that is most important to readers on your blog or website.
2. Give the article a good title and description.
3. Make your words big and clear for the readers.
4. Link other related post in the article page.
5. Create a good design for your article background.
6. Use paragraphs and punctuation marks where necessary.

This is how to cheat Google search engine.

After you have finish writing your page article which is your page post. before you publish, the things to do are:

Step 1. Write your title the way a searcher/reader will search for it on Google.

Step 2. Write a good description. Your description must tally (the same thing) to your post title. E.g. your 'Title' is - How to rank higher on Google.
Description must go like this -: Simple steps and tricks to make Google search engine ranked your page higher.
Notes: description is the first sentence you will write inside your blog post box, which is the first paragraph.

Step 3. Now, write Two or more paragraphs and inset keywords that you know people searching Google will write when they are finding a tutorial to ranked their website in the Next paragraph listed with Numbers.
See the Example below:

1. How to get ranked on Google.
2. How to rank higher on Google 2018.
3. Steps to make blog articles to be on top of Google.
4. How to make Google bring my article first in search results.
5. I want Google to bring my website post in first page.
6. How can my website be listed on Google.

Write up to 5 keywords and not more than 10 keywords.
Then make the Keywords big and bold, the Best is to use a CSS style for the keywords so it can change the background and text color of the keywords you listed to tricks search engine.
Notes: Search engine likes CSS style, and text formatting.
It looks and crawl the texts that you make a different background and color for, inside your article.

But if you don't know how to create a CSS for a particular Keywords, you can change the text style, color and background with blogger text editor provided for you above.

Step 4. At the side bar of your blog post editor where you create your post, write a label that your Article belongs to. Eg: this article I wrote belongs to, SEO.

Step 5. Create a similar post to this article and link the page together.
Make sure you change the background, text format and color of this page link, and it will be at the bottom of every articles on your website.
This is called a Crumbed list for SEO.

Now, you have successfully tricks Google and other search engine.
Once anybody search exactly the keywords you have inserted on this page, Google will bring your website on the first result of search engine. With a call to action for the searchers to visit your website.
Google will listed the keywords you write on your page in the search results.

Important Notice.
1. Don't let your keywords too much on one page.
2. Don't use keywords that is different to your article title.
3. Always make use of punctuation marks where necessary.
4. List link that are in the same categories only.

To make the cheat and tricks above to work, make sure you have already submitted your website URL to Google search engine optimization (SEO). By submitting your sitemap for crawling and indexing of your webpages and all internal and external links associated to your pages.

Hope this article was helpful, if yes? Kindly submit your comment below or ask for any further explanation.

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