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How to overthrow (get ahead) of your blog niche competitors

Tips to get more visitors (popular) than older blogs of your niche.

This is how to make users and search engine to pick your website first before other blog of the same niche.

Your blog will become users favorite and visitors will keep on coming and coming to you blog.

Step1. Original Contents.

Always write up original contents for your blog.
Don't think of having too much contents on your blog which they are not original.
One original content has far value more than 50 copy and paste articles.

Your original article is your own blog copyright content, which it is good for optimization of your blog and can also be a cornerstone content for all the articles on your blog.

How to engaged User on your blog.

Step2. Provide a user engagement.

Provide a very important page on your blog that will engaged user to keep on visiting your blog site.
This can be a cornerstone content or any call to action that will build user interest of coming to your blog and website often and often.

User engagement can be the way how you wrote and explain your articles.

User engagement can be the techniques and strategy used on your blog.

User engagement can be the themes and templates used on your blog.

User engagement can be Content Headlines, Paragraphs and vocabulary used on your blog.

User engagement can be quick page-speed of your blog.

User engagement can be social media profile or Newsfeed connected to your blog.

User engagement can be Adspace or special gadgets used on your blog and website.

And so on.

Step3. How to make your blog users favorite.

This is the quickest way of bringing high traffic to your blog.

Create a social media campaigns on different kinds of topics discussed on your blog, and focus the real audience that have interest in your blog niche.

Create a Campaign on Googleads (AdWords) and many other Marketing website that have similar niche to your own.

Keep on posting at least one post or more per day.
Updates blog older posts to become new.
Submit your blog and website URL to Google search engine and other search engines for optimization.
Make use of Google analytics to track your blog visitors.
Use pageviews statistics on your blog to know daily and overall visitors statistics of your blog.
Post raw facts and important articles on your blog.
Link all the related pages together for user to read and digest what they want.
Keep on Advertising your blog and share on instant messages.

Do all the necessary things to developed and promote your blog on a daily basis.
Now your blog will become famous and users favorite, and it will overthrow all the competitors.

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