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How to make blog users and mobile friendly

This are the strategies to make a blog user experience and mobile friendly.

Good performance of a blog can make it stands out among the competitors. Which a blog can be a medium of communication between you and your customers.

Blog Appearance.

The Appearance of a blog will shows the blog users and new visitors what the blog is all about.

- Create a good look! For your blog and contents in it with good content pillars.

- Create a good name for your blog.
Always post the niches your blog is all about.

- Use a logo (optional) and page link for easy navigation on the top header of your blog.

- Make use of good and user friendly themes and templates for your blog with good color.

- Provide about us and contact page for user to contact you, or you can also add live chat for user to connect with you online.

How to make blog a mobile friendly.

This can be done by making use of clear text and good looking text color in your blog articles.

1. Don't use heavy loaded themes and templates for your blog.
Don't make use of hidden links on your blog.
2. Avoid using too much of JavaScript or don't use at all.
3. Make use of HTML and CSS.
4. Avoid making use of harmful backlinks.
Don't let your homepage contains too much of contents.
5. Make sure your page load speed are fast.
6.Avoid making use of third parties copyright contents, texts, images, CSS, Html, JavaScript, page segments, infringements and others.

Goto www.google.com/webmaster, to test your website page speed overall and to see Mobile pageviews % (Percentage). goto Google search console to see how Google crawl and render your blog homepage to both Googlebot and users.

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