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How to create a standard for your blog

Blogging tutorial, on how to make blog standard.

Welcome to the first class bloggers tutorial.
Let us kindly show you how to do it.
Everyone wants a standard custom domain name and blog, maybe you are a professional or beginners in blogging.

Standard is all we need!! Either gradually or to reinforce quickly.

After you have created your blog with .blogspot.com domain name or WordPress.com domain, the next thing is to buy a custom domain name for your blog.
Goto www.whogohost.com to purchase a brand new domain name.

The domain name is a unique address given to your website to let the web browser identify and locate your webpage.

If you want your blog to have a value and to stand among competitors, you must have a custom domain name for your blog and website.
By doing this, you have created the first standard for your blog &website.

The second standard is to provide a good niche for your blog, use uncommon niches to stay away from too much of competitors.

Create a good design for your blog and focus the real audience. Create a genuine topic and call to actions.

Let users purchase something on your blog to make a profit as a blogger.

Develop your blog to hit a very high volume of traffic daily and monthly.

Build and optimize your blog to get thoupage views millions of page views per week.

Make sure your blog social media are standard.

Create new designs and development on your blog every 3months or more than that.

Create a policy and terms of services for your blog.

Let others partner with you or advertised on your blog.

Let your blog be a solution for your users/audience issues and problems.

Create a standard of your passion for your blog and operate 24/7 connecting with the real audience.

Now you have created a standard for your blog either quickly or gradually.

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