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Blogger: How to focus your blog real audience

Do you want huge amount of daily visitors (Audience) for your blog.

Here we go, take a single step to build a heavy and solid traffic for your blog.

I want a high & large traffic for my blog, how will I do that? Pls help me.

How will I get a lot of visitors for my blog.

That's the questions you asked Google.
Here is the Answer to your questions.

You have successfully created your company website or blog, and want the real audience to make use of your blog.

Turn your blog to your products and turn your audience to conversion.

This is how to get the real audience for your blog.

1. Create a good article on your blog based on your niche.

2. Create a Facebook page, twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinrest and LinkedIn account for your blog.

3. Connect your social media accounts to your blog.

4. Share the article you just created on your blog to your social media timeline.

5. Create a Facebook group, Name it exactly your blog niches name.
E.g Latest sports gist.

6. Add friends to your Facebook group and pinned a post at the top of the page telling new visitors to add their friends too.

7. Post your group link to other groups related to your group for new members to join.

8. Share post daily discussing your website niches and a link to follow for the members.

9. Let members interact in your group and offers call to action events or announcement of your important blog article.

10. Make other people admin of your group.

11. Create a Facebook advertising campaigns for your important blog articles, once a while.

12. Share new post of your blog on your Facebook page timeline.

13. Start connecting with people and attend to questions and messages quickly, within an hour.

Do the same thing on every other social media to get connected with the real audience for your blog.

Who are the real audience for your blog.

Everyone that likes your Facebook page are your real audience.

Everyone that have you in their Google+ circle or connect with you on LinkedIn are your real audience.

Everyone that likes or commented on your post are your real audience.

Everyone that send you a direct message or email are your real audience.

Everyone that always visit your website often and often are your real audience.

Everyone that contribute to your social growth, and development are your real audience.

Everyone that share your post on their timeline, or to other groups are your real audience.

Everyone that's thinking of been like you, are your real audience.

Everyone that order for your services are your real audience.

Everyone that accept all your offers are your real audience.

So, the next thing is to focus your real audience.

how to focus your real audience.

Once you have known all your real audience, and what they likes through their reactions.
For example: the post most of your members like and give reactions, try to be posting something similar to it always, to keep your users more engaged to your contents.

If your members are seeing what they are looking for? on your blog, through your Facebook group, they will keep on multiplying till they reach your goals.

By doing all this, you have successfully focus your real audience.

Hope this article was helpful? Let us know by putting your comment down below, before proceeding to other pages.

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