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Blogger: How to develop blog social campaign

Strategies for using social media campaigns to boost blog traffic.

Have you created a social media accounts or campaign before, for your blog?

Create a social media campaign for your blog to boost your traffic and get a huge amount of page views and daily visitors.
This is how to develop a social media campaign.

Open your Facebook page and create a post with good descriptive image.
Let the image be a square image and don't make use of an image that contains too much of text.
Make sure your post contains raw facts.

Boost your post with at least 1dollar per day for one week, making 7dollars.

Target your real audience and location where you want your campaign to reach.
Set the age limit of the audience you want your campaign to be reached.
Monitor the progress of your campaign by staying online and replying to message dropped by the audience to your boosted post.

The same thing applicable to Google AdWords, Twitter Instagram and LinkedIn campaign.

Use all these social media networks to build up the foundation of your blog.
Always make strong contents to be the pillars of your blog.

More about this article has been discussed on the social media platforms when you want to create a campaign.

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