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    U GO LAUGH  

Papa Chukwundi Season 1, Episode 3, - Free Today.

One hot Afternoon? One Giant man putting on body hug, came to papa chukwundi's shop to cut his hair.

Giant man: hello here? Do low cut for me.

Emeka: Ok sir?

Giant man: I don't pay money, tell your oga!

Papa chukwundi: (leave his garri outside), You can't do what? As he rushed inside.

Giant man: Stood up? His eyes were red and chest going up and down.

Papa chukwundi: Suddenly became gentleman.

Giant man: Speaks with horror voice? Come nearer papa!

Papa chukwundi: Laughed out? am joking oga! And immediately face his boy? Emeka don't you know today is Friday.

Giant man: moved near him and carried him up? Papa and then!

Papa chukwundi: Cries out? it's free today.

Giant man: Said? Papa what!

Papa chukwundi: Cries loudly? It's free today.

Giant man: Spoke gently? What if another person come.

Papa chukwundi: replied? It's free today!!!

Don't laugh alone, spread it with your friends.

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