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Trod: Biography, Age, Net worth, Download All Songs, (Career)

Biography of Trod; Record Label, Net worth, Family Background, Achievement, Interview Videos, and also (Download Trod ALL Songs) & Latest Tracks.

Trod is a talented Rapper, which he was late indigenous Yoruba rapper "Dagrin" younger brother, an Artist of 'misofunyin entertainment'.

Trod has his own pattern which he doesn't follow the step of his late brother "Dagrin", which he let's the music industry to know that very soon he will overthrow all other Nigerian rappers.

Perspective to what we heard from "Trod" itself, he said that all his punchlines and flows are desperate to complete with.

* Trod Meaning 

The meaning of Trod is -: The Return of Dagrin.

* Trod Freestyle

Go down below to watch all Trod Freestyle, both "trod old songs and new trod songs".

*Trod enter the music industry with a street jamz*, expressing himself to street niggers that the king is coming, with the first track titled - Wild mind.

Full Name: Olaonipekun Olatunbosun a.k.a Trod.
Date of birth: August 1st 19__.
Religion: Christianity.
State of origin: Ogun state.
Nationality: Nigeria.
Occupation: Musician.
Language: Yoruba and English.
Record label: Misofunyin Entertainment.

Trod in several interview has made it clear that popular Yoruba indigenous rapper "Olamide" didn't copy from Dagrin, he opined that, though Olamide rap style might sound similar to Da grin's own, but everyone is in the game to make a name.

So he thinks Olamide has set his own standard.
"Olamide is my best rapper" and I love him so much, I have also learnt a lot of things from him and I hope to feature him so soon.

I didn't hold anything against him, I don't think Olamide copy Dagrin's style, their music only sound similar and everyone in the game doing their things.

Trod talking about his career and the shooting of his visuals to his song "Wild Mind". Trod express his desire to let everyone knows that although "Dagrin" is dead but his spirit still lives.

He said: I am here to continue what (Dagrin) couldn't finish and am not joking about it, my eyes are set on the throne and I wouldn't rest until I wear the crown.

It took me so long to shoot the video of "Wild Mind" because am a student of Tai solar in university of education, ojebu ode, and I have to concentrate on my studies, so I don't have the Luxury of time.

Trod further reveals that his parents don't have any issues with him doing music, despite the ill fate of his deceased brother.

My parents cannot decide for me, i have so much interest in music and I have to go for it because I know it will benefits me.
Besides, everybody in my family loves  music and its all good.

With another set of interview which involved Trod family and relatives where they were asked each to disclose their view about "Da grin" and the currently music industry status about Dagrin in the style of music.

Trod stands on his words that if Dagrin was alive, Olamide will still be there.

But Trod father "Comrade olaniyi olaonipekun" says that there can never be another Dagrin again, but Trod still said, if Dagrin is still alive, Olamide will be alive (successfully).
This was followed by a thunderous ovation from the show audience.

Dagrin's brothers, "Dynamite and Trod" are also recording artistes in the (indigenous rap genre) which they proved by giving an honorary performance on the legendary show.

Trod Family Members and Relatives

>> Comrade Olaniyi olaonipekun - Father.
>> Olaonipekun olaide olarenwaju olajide - Sister.
>> Olaonipekun Oluwaseun Dasola - Sister.
>> Olorunshola Aishat - Cousin.


• Trod - Wild Mind.   Download 

• Trod -  Won a GBA.    Download 

• Trod - Kini level.   Download 

• Trod - Beware.   Download 

• Trod ft Diamond - Malo.  Download 

• Trod ft Leke - Funwonje. Download

• Trod - Chief
• Trod - Mule
• Trod - Solarcy
• Trod - Come online
• Trod - History
• Trod - Who u epp
• Trod - E go be
• Trod - Turn up
• Trod - Lazy Nigerian Youth
• Trod - Omo Mushim
• Trod - Demi dead
• Trod - Farabale
• Trod - EYE
• Trod - Fuck the Government
• Trod - Trippin
• Trod - Connection
• Trod - ZoneOut Session
Trod Songs for 2019 is included.

More Trod tracks is loading ...........

Trod said on Naijaloaded TV that he Will be bigger than Olamide in Two(2) years to come.
He also said something about his late brother "Dagrin" on Wazobia TV, just click on this link to watch all videos and interviews.

• Watch Here: All Trod videos and interviews.

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