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SEO: How to submit Sitemap to search engine, using webmasters

 Another fastest way to submit website url, links and pages without sitemaps to search engine.

Use 'ATOM' to submit your website url to search engine and it will generate, crawl and indexed all your webpages In a minutes.

Let's Google search engine, yahoo & bing ranked your website pages, and show it quickly in search results.

This is just a simple step to take, optimize and monetize all your website pages at once, without wasting time on creating "Sitemaps", use ATOM and it will automatically submit and indexed all your webpages in a minutes, and after 48hours you will start seeing your webpages having many visitors, clicks, CTR, Position, and Pageviews.

You can find your pageviews in Google search console dashboard or Google analytics panel.
If you have tried sitemap for your blog or website and it was bringing error, usable to submit sitemap, then try "Atom", use it to submit your website URL to search engine to indexed and optimize all your website pagpages.

After you have submitted your website URL and pages to Google search engine, then fetch and render your website URL as Googlebot mobile and desktop view.
Make use of fetch and render to submit and index all the external links associated to your website URL you submitted for fetch and render.

This steps above can be found and done at Google webmaster tools which is Google search console, visit www.google.com/webmasters, then move and click on search console, and the Google search console dashboard will be open for you. But make sure you have login to your email address before entering Google search console so you can easily redirected to the search console dashboard.

After you enter into the dashboard, click on 'Add a property'.

then put your website URL into the textbox provided and your website link will be created, then click on the link which is your website URL and the dashboard will open.
Now click on crawl, then click on sitemap and after it load, at the right top corner you will see 'Add/test sitemap', click on it and you will see a small textbox which your website url is at the back where you will write your website URL.
Write your website URL with all the extension like: http or https, www and then your website domain name.
For example: http://www.your website.com and click on submit, then refresh the page and you Will got an error message that your website is HTML page instead of XML, and it can't be submitted.

Just put this below ATOM code inside the textbox provided instead of putting your website url and your website url, pages, internal and external links will be submitted to search engine.
Just refresh this page to see that the Atom has represent your sitemap and your website URL as be submitted.

This is the Atom code below, copy and paste it to the textbox mentioned above.


 After 48hours Google will start indexing all your website pages that have been submitted by Atom and you will see the crawl and index status in your dashboard or inside your analytics dashboard.

Try to be resubmitting your website URL and pages with this Atom by clicking on the Atom to resubmit every 2weeks so Google can ranked your webpages to be ontop of all results on the search engine.

You can also be updating your website pages too every 2weeks or once a week to keep it live and afresh, so that search engine can pick it for optimization and monetization quickly.

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