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Info: Face of the week, Application form

Submit your Application form now to get promotion.

Do you wants to be "face of the week" and promote your talent on our platform.

Here is the right place to get promotion and to share your biography and career with many people around the world.

We  are ready to make you a star of your dreams if you submit your application to us.

Our aims is to support upcoming talent and stars to get more popularity and fans around the globe.

What's your profession and which talent do you wants people to know, kindly submit your application letter to us and we will take a look at it in some minutes and send you feedbacks about it.

You are a super star, you are born to rule.
Don't wait for anybody, take a step to make you achieved your goals.

The world is waiting for you?
Don't step back, you maybe the one next.

Our Requirements.

1. Full Name and all informations.
2. Briefly biography of you.
3. Two(2) or more photos of you.
4. Phone No and Email (if you like).
5. Sharpest Arena Platform fees -:
(i) Student = 1k.
(ii) Unemployed = 2k.
(iii) Employed = 4k.
(iv) Couple = 5k.
(v) Teams or band = 8k.
(vi) Business & Organization = 10k.

What are your benefits.

(i) Become a star within a week.
(ii) Get connected with many new people.
(iii) Have permission anytime to promote your content with us.
(iv) Get unlimited pageviews and download.
(v) You will be promoted on all our social media sites and through hundreds of bloggers.
(vi) You will received our "ID No" to get in touch with us anytime, and to represent us if we have any show or businesses for you.
(vii) Your page will also be ranked on Google, Yahoo and bing, and other search engines.
(vii) Your page will be on our website Homepage.
(viii) More insights benefit will be shown to you later when you get started with us.

Questions And Answers.

(i) How would i know how many people visit my page.

Answer: Your pageviews will be shown to you 2or3 times within a week. (Including number of downloads).

(ii) Can I submit an application form without making any payment.

Answer: In some conditions we may try to consider you but there wouldn't be any extra promotion for your page than to be on our website.

(iii) Who and Who can submit an application form.

Answer: Everyone that wanted to promote his/her talent, Career, business, website & blog and other productivity.

(iv) Which country can submit an application form.

Answer: Worldwide countries were accepted.

(v) Is this promotion really works well.

Answer: 100% working perfectly.

(Vi) What can I do if am not satisfied with this promotion.

Answer: we will refund back your money immediately.

(vii) Is this promotion ends by one week only.

Answer: Yes, but if we seen that your promotion is suitable to our looks, or hasn't meet the extract goals we want for you, your promotion will be extend to 2weeks.

(viii) What of, if I wanted to get promotion for 2weeks, 3weeks, or One month, what will I do.

Answer: You will need to contact us to renew your promotion and made extra fees.

(ix) How will i know the extract numbers of pageviews and readers you want for my page as your own goals.

Answer: We determine the amount of pageviews we want for you and this will be sent to you after submitting your Form, and if you want more than the estimate we give you, easily contact us back with discussion.

(x) Who are the people that will see my promotion.

Answer: Anyone on the internet, included and extended from your area and other places.

Thanks so much, if you are ready, kindly forward your application to our:
Email: [email protected].
Call & WhatsApp: +2348145642980.

Notices: You can contact us anyday anytime, we are ready to help you get there, even if you don't pay any single amount, you will still get promotion.

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