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Bet9ja: How to predict and win in football betting

Bet9ja virtual and football betting Analysis for 2018.

Here is an Analysis and statistics where you can know about all the options we posted on this website, once you are New to betting you need to read this article first before making use of our site inorder to know all the betting options we gives to each teams.

According to our own view on betting, odds comparison or odds given to each teams doesn't matter in all Games, a team given bigger odds can beat a team given the smaller odds, so all you need to know before making a stake on any team is the stats,form,ability, and scoring power, a teams that have a high scoring power can win most of is matches while a teams that conceded too much goals can lose most of their matches.

We take a long look on each teams we want to make a stake on every single tickets we want to play as a betting Experts.

Some teams have the ability to won every home matches, while some teams like to win most of their away matches and also some teams have the ability to win all home and away matches.

Based or focus on smaller odds doesn't help you as a good punters, but all you need to focus on is called your priority.

As a new punters all you first need to do is to study all Leagues around the world and brought out your expectations on them.

Think wisely as you want to stake your first ticket, that what are my focus on playing this games, and firstly don't think you want to play the games to make money in the first place, just think that you wanted to give the money to the bookmarker.

Click on the "Stats" Above on our website and see the teams statistics and information we have provide for you as a new punters, and select your favorite teams from the list and make them your focus.

If you wanted to become a successful punters and you wanted to be making winning from betting always, you must not have it in mind that you wanted to be playing or making stake on every games that  that will be available everyday,

Just pick your favorite teams and label them down and anyday they have match just make your stake on them.

See the Example below -:

Accumulator -: 6.
Odds -: 10.05.
Stake -: $100.
Bonus -: $605.
Winning -: $1610.

------- Selections ---------

(Fra) PSG -:- Monaco = o2.5.
(Ger) Munich -:- Leipzig = o2.5.
(Spa) Madrid - Villarreal = 1&2.5.
(Tur) Erzurum BB - Gaziantep =GG.
(Eng) Man city -:- Everton = 1/1.
(Ita) Juventus -:- Atalanta = 1.

Status = Won.

This above explanation illustrate that all the home teams are your focus teams and the option you believe they can play most is the options given to them in this ticket example above, so why can't you play it has it is indicated above and won your first ticket.

You don't need to be struggling yourself by playing 20games above in a ticket and you are waiting for winning, don't you know that a small ticket has a less risk chance, no matter any options you gave to each teams, don't fear odds even if you play a bigger odds and the games are only 5 or 6 in your ticket it still have high percentage of winning than someone playing too much games on a ticket with smaller odds, odds given to teams doesn't mean the team is going to win or not, or maybe over2.5 odds is bigger or smaller, don't think the match can't result to over2.5 goals bcos of the bigger odds.

And in most cases smaller odds will fail to won with the odds given to them, so based on some teams and your focus will make of the champion among all punters.

Always visit www.wapjotter.com.ng and also this page to read more and more anytime we makes new updates, or you can join our WhatsApp join to become one of the winning "Million fans" wapjotter is an Expert when we talk about betting, share this page with friends and get connected with successful punters.

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