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Web design: How to Create CSS for blog and website.

below is how to create a standard CSS for the Advance users and beginners in their Admin mode or control panel.

Creating a CSS in Wapka, Xtgem, Blogger, WordPress, Joomla, Adobe dreamwaver, boostrap and other site builder are listed below, and different but some look-alike.


Cascading style sheet -: is a simple and creative design made to decorate any website contents, pages and text body and to make a separation for the next text or content and main background. It will stand as a new background under the page or content or add it to.

CSS are used to design and differentiate -:

1. Top Auto content.
2. Bottom Auto content.
3. Adding of Pages.
4. Adding of pictures.
5. Adding of body contents/containers.
6. Chatroom and forum adding.


Global style sheet -: is also used as (CSS) Cascading style sheet, which it is a thesame design in some site builder and have little different in other site builder like wapka.com. Moreover on how difference it maybe, but the main strategy is to modify and create a simple design for your contents at your own look.

Creating a CSS for every webpage on your site makes your site well look and user friendly, because all your contents and pages will be well arranged and it will be easily for your website visitors to know that this is a page on your site without more analyzing. So you can create as many as you want with different looks.

Experts in web design firstly created a good looking CSS before continue with is creation. It is good to know and understand what CSS are used for and what and what can I apply CSS to on my webpage.

For instant if you are an Expert in web design and HTML code creator, it will be easier for you to create your own CSS with your HTML code, or if you have a CSS creator software or application.

Creating of CSS is the main target and goals for a good website design and it can accommodate any contents of a webpage. So in an addition for creating a CSS for a webpage simple means making a beautiful pattern for your website look, and your most valuable CSS can tally to the color of your logo.

Creating a CSS in Wapka, Xtgem, Blogger, WordPress, Joomla, and other site builder are different but some look-alike.

This CSS will be like a new background apart from your main background and to use CSS you are going to create a CSS file on your website. An Advance user can create a CSS file on a website with the use of code, and same thing apply to blogger. you can download a CSS creator on your mobile phone or computer to create your CSS and after saving it. You can download it or open it with Notepad or ES Note editor, or any Note editor apps to copy the code and paste it on your website where you want to make use of the CSS.

For instant: you are a blogger and you want to make use of the CSS that you have created in any page on your website, after copying the CSS code, at your new post just make use of the HTML box and paste the code. just edit the page URL at the middle body of the CSS code and remember to put "<a href" before the URL and also the closing tag "</a>.

For Example -:

<style type="text/css">
background-color: #FF2700;
margin: 85;
background-position: 5 25;
border-width: 20;
border-style: dotted;
border-color: #000A00;
width: 50;
height: 60;
font-style: normal;
padding-top: 60;
text-transform: none;
text-decoration: none;
text-align: justify;
color: #FFFFFF;
overflow: visible;
position: static;
padding-bottom: 15;
font-weight: 200;
padding-right: 60;
padding-left: 30;
padding: 15;
margin-bottom: 20;
margin-top: 25;
margin-right: 60;
margin-left: 40;
font-size: 40;
font-family: 40;
    <div data-xtcontainer="container" class="xt_container"><a href="http://www.wapjotter.com.ng/soccerpunterspage" class="Menulogo" style="color: #FFFFFF;">Soccer Punters Page</a><br />

This is the example above and your website url will be inside the code like the "Red" link above, you can make use of the above example if you a blogger that doesn't have CSS in their control panel.

But for other website that have CSS in their control panel you have to create and customize it with the height, width, position, and color you want to satisfied your taste.

How to create a CSS for the beginners.

Step1. Name your CSS.


* Color of background  -----> #006633.
* Color of text                 ----> #FFFFFF.
* Color of link                 ----> #6633CC.
* Border            ----> Top - Bottom - All.
* Border color                ----> #FFCC00.
* Top             ---->  5px.
* Bottom       ---->  5px.
* Right           ---->  5px.
* Left             ---->  5px.
* Top            ---->  2px.
* Bottom      ---->  2px.
* Right          ---->  2px.
* Left            ---->  2px.
* Font            ---->  Bold.
* Width          ----> Normal.
* Right side       ----> 10px.
* Left side         ----> 10px.
* Text decoration/design     ---->  None - Blink - Focus - others.
* Text             ---->  None - underline/overline - Capitalized.

You can also choose your background and text position if it is xtgem site and also you can used your own preferred color and width/height pixel (px), some may likes to use scrolling text or blink according to the design style you want.

This is the example of CSS that is recommended for the beginners of a website builder and creator, you can use your own color code to design your CSS, many color codes will been in your design panel and you can also used your own height, width and others.

According to the explanation above, all site builder CSS are not thesame to this is an example to create a good and well design CSS for your website.

more options can be added and make sure transparent and the same color of text with background or link are not used and a border to give the background another special look can be added to also make a good look and separation for the next content or text that will be posted.

Creating a dynamics CSS gives a webpage brilliant look and can easily to be crawl and optimize by Google search engine and give heavy traffic in a return.

The good and complex CSS is also a light highlight your page and contents to user visiting your page, so its advisable to create a good CSS for all webpage on your site.

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