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ICT: Meaning and Uses of Data, Program, Sim, gprs, e.t.c.

These are the meaning and uses of some internet and networking informations and programs.


Data is any representation of fast usually raw that can be communicated or manipulated by some processes.

Internet connection and websites make use of data?
Why some informations or a computer as serves as data?
And we have data types?
data structures?
data values?
and so on, which will be highlighted in our tutorial session.

Global system for mobile communications.

Its for calling, sending and receiving text, for internet connection, social and so on.

General packet Radio service.

It is use as an internet connections both on mobile phones and PC.
GPRS is a stable network provide which is connected to the server.

Subscriber Identity Module.

It is a wireless or portable module which is used as subscriber identity, to gather and saved subscriber informations.

File manager protocol.

It is used as a data or file sharing language.
Which modify files from storage.

Internet Service Provider.

It is the internet connections that provide service from the server.

Uniform Resources Locator.

URL makes the web browser to perform at operation, it is the directory of a webpage, every webpage from have an http:// or https:// before it can be reachable on the internet, and also every browser must be configure with a URL in order to perform an operations.

A webpage is a page or a document on the worldwide web and its identify by a unique address or URL.

E-mail is a system for sending and receiving messages electronically or over the internet.
Examples are:
And so on.

The @ in the email format is the electronic mail directory, without it email cannot be generated.

Super Video Graphic Adapter.

This is commonly used by developers and software programmers.
Example are Microsoft company,
                       Games developers,
                       Animation and cartoons.

Enhanced Graphic Adapter.

It is used to enhance graphic adapter of graphic videos.

Color Graphic Adapter.

Also used to highlight different colors.

Modullator demodulator and it is used to change analog signal to digital signal.

Website is a connection of webpages, which shows Information and contents put on it, and it can be access by the use of browser likes:
Mozilla Firefox
Uc browser
And others.

A program is a series of coded instructions for a computer to obey and represent logical solution to a problem.

More will be added in the future.

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