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How to write a good proposal, (business or job proposal).

This is the best way to write a proposal to an individual or organization.

When you want to write a good and acceptable proposal? all you need to do is to analyzed all your aims and objectives in summary with paragraphs.

To make it clear and let the reader understand what your proposal is all about, without wasting much time in reading it.

• First thing to do, is to write the receiver name and date at the head of your proposal.

• Then start with a greeting or welcome subheading.

• Now introduce yourself to the receiver of the proposal, who you are? what and what do you offers.

• Now, how do you operate, or what are your responsibilities.

• Then told the receiver? What are your aims of writing this proposal, or what exactly do you want from the receiver, (in summary).

• Now told the receiver, What he/she will gain from the proposal you have submitted.

• Then highlight, maybe you have past experience in what you request for? From the proposal you have submitted.

• Finally told the receiver how you will feel if your proposal is accepted.

• Then closing salutations.

This is an example of a proposal below, requesting for an advertising job.


Hello sir, we forward this proposal to you from our company RINGOUT NIG, LTD.

We deal with Advertisement through social media and offline works.

Which our Advertisement reaches around the world within 30days of Advertising,
Because we have an Advertising board and agents that spread out the news Everyday.

We advertise through radio and our websites: www.sharpestarena.com.

And our partners: myschoolgist.com, newsnow.com, bloggers and also through our Facebook and twitter page, and also we send bulksms to thousands of people everyday.

Our aims of writing this proposal to you is that we wants to work with you, to Advertise your school all around the globe, and we assure you that your school will get plenty candidates and your school name will be famous including your school website which we will help you to broadcast it in a few days.

We produced plenty candidates every year which we send jamb past question to them to pass their jamb, so we will drag all this candidates to choose your school in their jamb form.

We have past experience in this job by Advertising for: crown poly, team tutors, foreign links, oduduwa university and so on.

So now we look up to you at igbajo polytechnic, igbajo.

We will be very happy if our request is been Granted.

Your’s sincerely,
Ringout nig ltd.

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