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Tech: How to Send Free SMS by Gmail.

Send free SMS on Gmail Account.

You can send someone text message if you don't have credit card on your phone through your gmail account, if you have data on your phone.

This is a simple tutorial below on how to do it.

It is faster, simpler, and easily.
You can send as much as you want if you have data on your phone.

Gmail provided this options inorder to help some business holders that love sending text messages to their customers as a business alert.

This option help and save the outcome of buying bulk SMS with a value amount of money for sending to people on different occasions.

So enjoy this special opportunity by making use of your google account.

Follow the steps below.

Login to your gmail account, enter the name of the contact you want to send the message to? Inside the search chat or invite friends box in provided at the left sidebar.

Select the contact and click the more and send SMS option respectively, a dialogue box will pop out asking you to fill some information, select your country name as the country and enter the recipients mobile number in the phone number field, then click save.

A chat window will appear, just type your message as you would normally when you hit the enter.

 the message will be sent to the phone number you provided.

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