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SEO: How to make blog post be on top all result in search.

SEO traffic rank CTR and SERPs. Top tips to make your blog post rank high on Google, and other Search Engine.

This is how to make google search engine optimization and yahoo-bing to rank your webpages to be on top all search results.

This will make the search engine to recognize your webpage,

CTR - Click through rate.
SERPs - Search engine result pages.

And in addition it will help google searchers to make use of your webpage, and also to make visitors think that this website will be the best to visit, which will solve their various problems or give solution to what they are looking for.

This are the strategy you need to make use.

1. Title Tags.

The first thing in a blog post is the title.

You must provide a suitable title for your post which will be a useful information to that article reader.

Because if the title doesn't have a meaning or is meaningless, nobody will want to read the article that you just published.

So the title is your front horse that other horse which are the description and article body will follows.

Sit down very well and think of bringing out a genius title which you will have a backup of an article body.

Title words must be in a range of 5 - 60 words.

2. Description Tags.

• Description is the goals of your title and the article body.

• You must provide a standard description that summarize what your article is all about.

• Your description is what the reader wants, and a brilliant description will be crawl by search engine.

• Description is the First and Second sentence that start your article.

Best number of description words should be in a range of 100 - 150 words.

3. Blog/Article post lengths.

Length of post.

The best blog post length must be in must be in the range of 1000 - 3000words and the maximum length 3000above words is an excellent post that search engine love most.

So your post must not less than 1000words.

Longer blog post length provide the reader with a significant amount of information that they can use which will encourage them to return again and again to the site.

Keep in mind, the longer and more depth the post is, the more likely to be picked up by the search engine or visitor that want to visit the site in another time.

Citations, Links and Relationships.

Please link your first link in every post going back to a relevant internal due to blog post that compliment yours.

Any relationship with a company or person that it is mentioned in a post must be disclosed within the content.

For instant: Company A, a client of mine, offers ......, when in doubt, disclose.

If you have written a post focus on a non-sponsored, non-affiliate product review, then your post is good to be accepted.

We don't mind if you do some self promotion for your business, but anything overty sales or illegal is not accepted and it will be removed immediately.

Don't write a post on any questionnaire source industries, such as: Pharmaceuticals, casinos, payday loans or ponorgraph.

Buying and selling or trading that appears in the post is prohibited for our article writers only. But search engine accept that.

SEO Best Practices.

• Shortened titles in the meta title section.

• Use your own original images or download images that doesn't have a website name written on it.

• Maybe a website name is smaller written on an image, don't use it because the owner doesn't leave it's copyright.

• Use only one space after all punctuations.

• If you want to write percentage, write it in digits. E.g. 100%.

• Capital letter must start your sentence headlines and always make use of commas and full stop at the appropriate places.

• No spamming words.

• No filler formatting that impact how the content will appears.

• Make sure your photos are in center alignment, within the blog post or article.(but our article writer shouldn't worry, because we are going to do it for you).

• Set the display size for all images to large.(our writer shouldn't worry about this).

• At least upload one image per blog post and place it within or before the first 150words which is your Description. (We are going to do this for our writer).

• All images must have title attributes, write the title of the post on the image you want to use so it can simply describe the image.

• Do not use a chart, graphs, or illustrations photo from other website.

• Do not use any images that have brand or logo of another site on them.

• Do not use memes.

• Write original contents, do not copy and paste other person's work as we have analyze in the previous page.

• Once your post is published, you can actively participate by responding to any comments that are posted.

This can help you build a larger following and develop your personal brand.

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