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How to gain back hacked Facebook account

Has your Facebook account hacked, or blocked or you forgot your login details.

Your Facebook account hacked? Or Facebook itself delete your account. or you just think that your Facebook account is hacked because you have seen an activity on your account where you are not involved in?

There are many reasons why Facebook account get hacked, and there are several ways for them to do it. 

This are the details below on how to open and get back your hacked or lost Facebook account.

But once your Facebook account get hacked, you should take an action immediately.

This are the steps to follow below.

Step1. Goto this page www.facebook.com/hacked. And enter your Facebook account password.

Step2. On the next page that open, click "continue ". On the next page click "Get started ". On the next one "click continue".

Step3. On the next page, create a new password and click " Next". And in the next screen choose a username and click "Next".

Step4. On the next page, you will shown recent activities done on your Facebook account. If you want to delete any of them, select this and click "Delete", else click "Skip" .

Step5. On the next page click option to get future notifications from Facebook and click "Next".

Step6. Now you will reach the last page. Click here "Go to News feed". Now you have restored and recover back your Facebook account.

Delete any activities that you think someone else as done on your account, and change your password, then you are done.

To secure your Facebook account further, it is highly recommended to enable the 'Login Approval' feature, this feature once enable, will ask the hacked to received a code on the phone number that you have registered in your Facebook account, before he can enter your account.

And since only you have the number, the hacker wouldn't be able to get this code and perform any hacking activity on your account again.

To enable "Login Approval", enter Facebook Settings>>security. Click "Add phone Number" next to text messages (SMS) to enter your mobile number. Once you have done it. 

Your account is now secured. Two fold with password and Login Approval.

Now even if someone still your password, the person will not be able to login to your account, or else the person got the code which only you can got on your phone.

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