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Tech: How to Create a Smiley's and Icons.

This is how to create the Smiley's used on  Facebook, WhatsApp, and other messages, and can be used by website designer by adding them in your HTMl code editor.

This below tutorials will teach you how to get started, its simple and easier, just make use of the code listed below,

And you can also join two or three symbols together itself to create a new smiley and name it your preferred name, you can create many smiley and name them, then you can start posting it online. And you can also sell them to social medias.

Adding two, three or more symbols together will form and create a smiley, and always remember that easy symbols you want to add together must have associate with each other, and it must be suitable to follow each other.

For Example: Smiley for smile can be = :) or :-)    can you see that this symbols combined together is suitable for each other and it will easily turn to smile icon or smiley after you post your message on social media sites.

Symbols are the characters used to create Smileys to be used online, you can use different symbols to create different types of smiley likes:

* Emotions.
* Feelings.
* Celebrating.
* Currency.
* Actions.
* Natures.
* Arts.
* Flags.
And so on.

Creation of smiley is so broad and need more deep thinking of which two, three or more symbols you will add together and gives you want you want.

Even many programmers and coders make use of symbols, and if you study HTML code, you will learn about smiley and syntax, they are also supported by ascll code and ASSN american standard serial number.

Through my research and lesson on html I came across smileys which let me have more understanding that all symbols have their uses and the combination of some of them can gives you a design, icons or smileys that you want, and which will be so useful online.

Look straightly to the smiley creation below and see the types of symbols joining together that will form smiley, so you can start practicing it, you can join three or more different symbols together until you get what you want.

And if you join three different symbols together and you see they don't gives you something meaningful, just replace one or two of them with different symbol or rearrange them until it gives you what you want, and if still it don't gives you what you want, just edit everything and used different types of symbols until you get something meaningful.

Then you can name the smiley you create with what it looks like and you can start making use of them on social media.

If you want to make money with the smiley you create.

Just create your own site to market the smiley or upload them to your existing site or create a mobile apps for your smiley and let others to download your apps and make use of your smiley on social media.

Beginning :-

Smiley name.               Symbols used.

Smile                             :-)

Angry                             :-(

Sad                                 ^0^

Wink                               ;-)

Red mouth                    :-*

Cool                                B)

Broken heart                 </3

Angry red eyes              >:0

Big smile                        :D

Crying                             :'(

Red Tongue                   :P

Lipare sealed                 :X

Confused                        :S

Embarrassed                  :&

Huh?                                 :/

Heart                                <3

Yes                                   (,)

No                                     (n)

Sarcastic                          :>

Laughing                          =D

Love struck                      <3<3

Giggle                               :-]

Blush                                *^-^

Drunk                                <@-@

Surprise                            :-0

Gabby                                :-D

At loss                               ?-?

Fool                                    <:|

Heart breaks                     (:-...

Sickness                            :-(*)

Sniffle                                 :-')

Misery                                x-(

Helpness                           :-/

Disappointed                    :-e

Fatigue                              #-)

Fury                                   :-7

Laugh                                :|

Face changer                   =>>

Wicked                              /:)

Copyright                          &#169;

Use this codes for different kinds of logo, icons and smiley.


And so on. This above symbols will turn to icon, or logo or smiley after you post them, so they start from No.1 to 1000.

You can also change them and add any other symbols and check what it will turn to.

If you want to test this symbols as you are creating them,  post them as message on Facebook or WhatsApp or any other messaging sites, or on your phone message box as if you want to draft message, you can also make use of text editor, by downloading text editor likes:

Dream weaver.
Microsoft text editor.
And others.

After you have create your smiley on your text editor like notepad or others just save it with .html or .htm format.

E.g.    My smiley.html

And open it with your web browser like internet explorer, Firefox, chrome and others.

This is the Best and simple steps to create smiley or icon or logo.

Start creating smiley today, edit your prefer smiley, you are good to go, practice random symbols and alphabet to create a unique smiley.

Combination of symbols and alphabet can create a smiley and icons.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial, always visit www.sharpestarena.com for more useful tutorials like this.

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