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Tech: How to convert 2GB memory card to 4GB.

Insert the memory card to your computer and keep a backup of all the data from the memory card, because first you have to format the memory card.

• Now download and install 'Skymedi software'. 

• After installation the application will automatically shows a windows with options 'Fix' and 'Cancel'. From the drop down menu, you have to browse the memory card.

• Click on 'Fix', it will ask you for the confirmation, you have to click on 'Yes'.

• After selecting the memory card, the application will show you a size of around 1955MB, this is bcos you have inserted a 2GB memory card.

• After finishing the process  the application will ask you to unplug the memory card.

• Remove it and insert it again. Now the storage capacity of the memory card is increased to 3GB. 

• Then do the above process again to make it 4GB.

Note: if you want to check the storage capacity of the memory card, you can click on 'My Computer>>Memory Card>>Properties'. You will see that the size of the memory card is Now 4GB.

Another way to confirm the storage capacity, re-open the 'Skymedi' and Select the location of the memory card.
This time it will show 3912MB, which is 4GB.

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