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Tech: How to connect phone Bluetooth with laptops.

Connect your phone Bluetooth with laptops and desktops in a mins.

Connecting phone Bluetooth with system Bluetooth or headset and other devices is so simple and can be done in a mins.

So follow the steps follow to get started.

Install your Bluetooth device, it will autorun by itself showing an icon at the bottom of the laptop background.

• Right click on it by clicking add Bluetooth device on your phone Bluetooth.

• Then click on (add) on the wizard being display.

• Click on next after then, click on search, and it will automatically detect your phone.

• Click on the phone, then next pairing stage wizard display.

• Click on next and it will send a code to your phone then pair with it.

 Now your phone Bluetooth will be connected to your laptops and desktops Bluetooth, and you can disconnect it when you finished using it.

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