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Learn how to make logo & banner, (edit photo) with phone.

Edit any kinds of photo, Make logo and banner.

Any smartphone like Andriod, iPhone, Window phone, Mac, Apple, Microsoft device can make use of this App to make banner and logo, edit photos and documents on your phone without making use of Photoshop.
 this is a perfect photo editing that you will do it yourself? with good tools to help you, read below tutorial on how to do it yourself.

Start editing your photos with this app With your phone, edit your photos yourself.

You can cut and change face of your photo.

You can change color (effects) of your photo.

You can blend two photos together.

You can create and edit a document or file.

You can add gif to your photo.

You can edit text with text styles and color to your photo.
And more contents.

Welcome to the home of unlimited tutorials where you we find all the best and useful tutorials, due to many people who likes editing photos and don't know how to make use of photo shop, photo scape, microsoft photo editors and others.

And also many people don't have a PC to use and wants to edit their photos to look brilliantly.

So congratulations for been here today.

The tutorial here and photo editing app will let you start editing your photos with your phone in few minutes, you can edit as many as you want with your smart phone.

This app is not a ready made photo editor like photofunia.com, Or any other photo editing site or apps.
This app will let you edit your photo by yourself.

You can add:
And effects.

This app will let you add many features to one photo, and you can also add many photo together.


After you download the app, open it and you will see:

Cut photo.   Advance Edit.   Create collage.

Paste photo.   Replicate mirror.   Blend.

                   Your Creation.

Click on the Cut photo, and it will take you to your phone photo gallery then choose the photo that you wants to edit, and it will take you to where you will edit your photo.

Put your hand at the edge of the photo and draw your hand round the photo in rectangle form to meet together at a point. After your draw have joined together, it will automatically cut itself or if it don't cut automatically.

You will see a scissors icon at the right bottom of the photo editing page, click on the scissors icon to cut your photo.
After you have cut your photo? It will take you to where you will do your final editing.

Below your photo, you will see four editing tools:

Erase.   Adder.   Zoom.   Effects.

You will click on the Erase icon and then put your hand at the side of the photo which you wants to Erase,
You will click on the adder icon and you will put your hand at the side of the photo which you have mistaken erase to restore it back.

You will click on Zoom icon and put your hand on the photo to zoom it to bigger size so you can see the photo clearly while editing inorder not to do mistake or not to miss cut the photo.

And on top of the page you will see Adder icon which is used for adjustment,
You will click on it and move it backward or forward to make your adder or erase to become bigger or smaller, to make your editing fast and if you want to cut a smaller background off.

You will also see undo and redo icon beside the adder icon at the top.

You will also see √ (mark) icon at the top of all, after you have finished your editing click on it and it will let you save your work.
Then after you saved your work, click on the  Your Creation button and you will see the list of your edited photos.

Then click on your photo, and at the bottom you will see photo image in the middle, click on it to move your photo to your phone photo gallery.

Make use of the advance edit to add many effects to your photo.

Make use of create collage to gather many photos together.

Make use of blend to override, inset and outset blend of two or many photos together.

For any further explanation or questions, please put down your comments down below,
So we can reply you immediately.

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