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Diseases spread by sexual contact ( venereal diseases).

Diseases spread by sexual contact.

1. Gonorrhea: This is a disease spread by sexual contact.

Signs: in the man.
(a). Pain with urination.
(b). Drops of pus from penis.
(c). fever (sometimes)
(d). Difficulty urinating (sometimes he cannot pass any urine at all).

Signs: in the woman.
(a). Vaginal discharge.
(b). She may feel pain when urinating.
Nb. If a pregnant woman with gonorrhea is not treated before giving birth, the infection may get in the baby's eyes and make him blind.

2. Syphilis: is common and dangerous disease that spread from person to person through sex.
Signs: 1. Sores; it is called a chancre.
It appears 2 to 5 weeks after sexual contact with a person who has syphilis. It may look like pimples or an open sore.

3. HIV/AIDS: This disease is caused by sexual intercourse.
Sign: feeling dizzy, weakness
Fever, malaria, diarrhea
Joint pain, fatigue,colouration of urine.
Night sweating, drowsiness

4. Hepatitis A and B: This disease is also caused by sexual intercourse. 
Sign: colouration of eye (yellow) and urine.
Body Weakness
Joint pain.     

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