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7 Best Free Movie Apps (Watch and Download)

7 Best Free Movie Apps (Watch and Download) 

Are you a movie freak and you are on a lookout for the best app where you can watch movies and some other shows for free?  If yes, you have stumbled upon the right article for that. In this article, you will get to know about the best apps where you will watch movies for free without paying a

These apps don't store movies on their website, but what they basically do is to download these apps on your device, you will watch different movies and TV shows on it. These apps are awesome, and also has useful features.

You really have to be careful when you are trying to install any app on your device because they are lots of fake apps that brings malware to your PC or mobile devices. They are some apps that also request for your basic information when you want to install and that is not necessary for a movie streaming app.  If you want to install any app on your device, make sure the app is on play store.

Here is the list of free movie app on the internet

1. Popcorn flix app 

If you want to install the best movie app with a great collection of movies, popcorn flix has got you covered with that, the app has a lot of iinteresting movies in different categories. And also has new arrival movies on the dashboard. One interesting part about this app is that it's has a great feature called the popcorn originals.

The movies on this app are very interesting and they have good quality and they will also show perfectly on your mobile device screen. This app will allow you to watch series and comedies for free. The app is available on android devices
Download link

2. Sony crackle

I know Sony Pictures isn't new to every movie lover, it's a very popular name. Sony crackle is an awesome Android app that has tons of interesting movies. They also  have old movies and new movies, you can choose your choice on the app. The movies on this app will show perfectly on your screen. But the downside of this app is that it has some ads and the ads will show before you start watching the movies.
Download link

3. pluto tv

If you want a future rich movie app on your device, pluto tv is one of the best apps for that. The app also has a very easy user interface, even for the fact that it has a lot of features.
Once you open the app on your device, you will find a lot of plutos tv channels and different movies to watch.
Download link:
You can install this app on android, iOS, and Linux.

4. Vudu

Vudu is another great app where you can watch different movies. The downside of this app is that it has a lot of ads, you will be asked to watch different ads before you can watch a movie on the app.  The app has a lot of movies. Both old and new hit movies. If you want to watch a movie on the app you will have to log to you account. The app has a lot of movies, you can install this app on android, iOS, and mama
Download link:

5. plex

Plex is a wonderful movie streaming app that works perfectly on different mobile devices. Once you have a good smartphone, you can install this app
on your device and start watching different movies. This app is available on Android, IOS, Linux, and Mac.
download link:

6. FilmRise

If you love watching tv series and comedies, you can install film rise on
your device, I personally like this app because it allows every user to go straight to the movie he or she wants to watch. It also has a browse button. You can use the button to filter between tv series, comedy shows, and movies.  One other great feature this app has is that it has a list of
trending movies. And you will also see what others are watching on their
own device.
This app is available on Android and IOs
Download link:

7. snag films

If you love Indian films and documentaries. The snag is the best app where you can watch them. If you install this app on your device you will get a lot of Indian moves to watch. The movies on this app have high quality and the movie play is so simple.  The downside of this app is the ads, but it
will never affect the movies you want to watch. This app is available for
Android, iOS, and Linux devices.
Download link:

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