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Secret codes to unlock all Netflix list in 2019/2020

Netflix is a film producing website ,they produce films ranging from action movies to comedy to classics and every genre of movies.
       Though on their website they do not only show their self produced films they show other produced films too, that is why the word Netflix and chill is common as guys like to watch with their girlfriends. So after producing their films you have to login to their website and watch still you cant watch for free you have to subscribe to be able to watch all their films you have to stream it .
        which brings us to the secret codes to unlock all list on Netflix their films are categorized in to lists there's action,adventure,comedy and others so if you are looking for secret codes to unlock all Netflix list this is the post for you and you have to read the below carefully and happy viewing on your Netflix.

Netflix only recommend films for you based on the ones you have watched, so its pretty hard to find the one you want all by yourself but now that the secret codes has been found it can be used to access the type of film you want, I mean the genre of the film you want to watch so there's no more watching random films you dont like you can easily just use the code to find the genre of the film you want.
 Firstly you will have to find the code for the genre of the film you want e.g if its a comedy you want to watch there is a code for it and if its an action movie you want to watch theres a code for it and other.
 These are Netflix secret codes to unlock the hidden  list of the popular genre of movies that you might like to watch.
 1 Action movies: 43048
2 Adventure movies :7442
3  spy movies:10702
4.  Asian movies ;77232
5. Crime movies:9584
6  superhero movies:10118
7 classic movies:46576
8 Anime movies :4724
9 Military movies:2125
10 martial arts movies:8985

  So after getting the code for the genre you want to watch then on your browser you will input the code in the browser ,let's take for example  you want to watch an action movie all you have to do is to input its code which is 43048 like so www.Netflix.com/genre/43048 I think thats easy to get thats what you will do and you will be redirect to action movies page and you can be enjoying for movie  don't make mistake when inputting the codes else it will take you to another genre  so its as easy as that.

These are not all of the codes, as they are many these brought to you are the most popular genre of movies we thought you might like.

Remember to subscribe cause if you dont subscribe you won't be able to do anything.

Ready carefully the above detailed explanation on the secret codes to unlock all Netflix list in 2019/2020 because you can't find it elsewhere they will just be telling you story upon story with you wasting your sub but as you know we give you the best so check it out.

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