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Betadvisor.com reviews of expert fixed matches

Betadvisor: Today Free Betting Tips and Prediction from Experts with Betting Guide to helps you Beat the Bookies, Including Reviews

Bet advisor is a website that gives fixed match, we all know that well. If you don't know before, now you know.
They give out fixed matches ranging from Basketball, Rugby and Football. 
Well, if you are looking for reviews of experts on betadvisor then this is the right post for you as I'll be listing all the reviews experts have made about betadvisor.com whether the site is good or bad or is it scamming people of their money because to get their fixed games you have to pay money and some tips are for free too on the website.

Bet advisor is an old tipster website founded long ago to give out tips to its users and as a user you have access to tips of many professional tipsters either free or paid, its a group of tipsters that gives tips on sports ranging from football, basketball, rugby and the other sports.

The site makes it easy for you to get tips, if its a free tip or you want to buy tips, all you have to do is to click on "Today's Tips" at the top menu bar on the front page.

Then select either "sale or free" from the menu.
 It will take you to a page with a selection of tipsters. If you click on "events" on the top, you'll find all the games that tipsters have made predictions for.

 All the tips given on the website are recorded and monitored, with each tipster’s full record for all to see and so it will be very easy for you to decide which tipster you want to use.

The website ranks each tipster by the profit their tips made for easy identification.

After subscribing to a tipster, either free or paid, email notifications will be sent to you and you will get phone notification every time they post a new tip so you can play it.

Betadvisor consists of many tipsters not only one so if you are not satisfied with one you can easily change to another tipster and the tips given on the website is not only on football.
Each tipster on the website are experts that specializes in a given kind of sports so you can easily pick the one you want. It can be football, basketball, rugby and others but the most popular is football.

Scam free
Bet advisor is a scan free website, all their tipsters are well registered and you only have to pay once per month to be receiving tips from your tipster for the whole month.
The money you'll pay depends on the tipster "Winning Rate" and after paying its for a month and you'll get tips per day.

50% discount
As a new user there is a 50% discount on your first deposit that is for the first month you get to pay half of your monthly subscription.

They will treat you well, you will get notifications on your phone and you will still get email notification so as for you to quickly play the game before the odds go down.

Tipsters specialize in many sports
The beauty of Bet advisor is that it does not just give you tips on one sport that is football, they give you tips on other sports too ranging form (tennis, basketball, rugby) and others.

Free tips
You can get many free tips daily from the site when you login because some tipsters do give out free tips.

Selling tips
As a good tipster, you get to sell your tips for a reasonable amount of money to as many people subscribe to you per month.

There are many games won by the tipsters and this can be seen on their site as the wins of each tipsters and profits made and the range is posted on the site for people to see.

Job opportunity
Bet advisor also create jobs opportunity because all their expert tipsters too started one day by submitting tips and they registered which betadvisor started to charge other users for them.
This is also another way to make cool money so you too can register as a tipster today if you know you are very good in predicting and you can begin to make money with your brain and also as time goes on when your performance is good.

You will move to a (junior tipster) after 50 tips.

You will move to a (senior tipster) after 250 tips.

By this time, your status will attract more users who will pay  to subscribe for your tips.

Submiting a tip
  How to submit a tip on the website is very easy for an upcoming tipster.
"Log in", create a tipster "profile" then click on the red 'insert a tip" button hovering over the page in the lower right corner.
Now, you are good to go.

Betadvisor is a verified tipsters site and we recommend it for every punters and bettors around the world that are ready to make money everyday through betting.

We recommend it for you because of the success stories we gather from many punters on social media like: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, including WhatsApp and Telegram Channels.


My review on betadvisor is 99% reliable site that gives solution to betting losing and help all punters to make money of their dreams.
If you want to get quick access to "Bet Advisor free tips", use this link: www.betadvisor.com.

How to Registered on Betadvisor.com

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